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Essay Topic 1

Isaac Asimov has had substantial influence in the modern world due to his widely known written works of both nonfiction and fiction. Please respond to the following with supporting facts:

1) How did Asimov's childhood influence his career choice?

2) How did Asimov's career as a science professor influence his choice to write science fiction?

3) What examples of Asimov's beliefs are evident in "Second Foundation"?

Essay Topic 2

Being the third book in the Foundation Trilogy, "Second Foundation" has many qualities that clue the reader into it being part of a series. Please respond to the following with supporting details from the novel:

1) How does Asimov include the reader into the series right from the start in his introduction to the book?

2) What events in the story are continuations from previous books in the series?

3) Is a reader able to read "Second Foundation" without having read the two previous...

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