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• On Kalgan, the mutant creature the Mule is the leader of the galaxy after defeating the Foundation.

• The Mule can control minds and is searching for the Second Foundation to have complete control of the universe.
• The Mule's general, Pritcher, has been searching for the Second Foundation but cannot find anything.

• The Mule sends an unconverted and popular man, Channis, along with Pritcher to find the Second Foundation.
• The Mule wants to speed up the Seldon Plan from 1000 years to 300 years.
• Pritcher and Channis do not get along in the spaceship on their mission.

• Pritcher pulls a gun on Channis.
• A technician tells Channis and Pritcher there is a hyper relay device tracking the ship.

• Channis and Pritcher land on Rossem.


• Channis and Pritcher talk to the excited leaders on Rossem.

• Channis is convinced the Second Foundation is on Tazenda.
• Pritcher is fearful of the Governor...

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