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Randy Wayne White
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Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Julius Zacul?

2. Which of the following items is not something General Riviera offers to Ford immediately after seeing him?

3. How do Ford and Tomlinson travel from Riviera's home to Masagua?

4. Which of the following characters confronts Ford about his relationship with Dr. Braun-Richards?

5. What is the name of the group of rebel soldiers in Masagua?

Short Essay Questions

1. What confessions does Pilar make to Ford when she sees him after the fight?

2. What happens when Ford goes to Jessica's to visit with her after returning home from Masagua?

3. How was Ford saved during the fight at Zacul's camp?

4. What happens to Tomlinson when he is separated from Ford in Masagua?

5. How does the judge in Sandy Key treat Ford when he hears Ford is searching for Jake Hollins?

6. Why does General Suarez burst into Ford's hotel room in Masagua?

7. What reason does Ford give to Zacul as to why he is in Masagua?

8. What is Ford's reaction to Hollins's funeral?

9. How does General Juan Riviera greet Ford when he arrives in Masagua?

10. What do Ford and Tomlinson discuss when they are in the prisoner truck headed to the camp?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tomlinson proves to be a character with a dichotomous personality. First, describe Tomlinson based on his physical appearance. What stereotypes do outsiders typically place on Tomlinson? Then, compare Tomlinson's external appearance to his internal appearance. Does Tomlinson's outside match his inside? How can you tell? Be sure to cite at least two specific examples from the text to strengthen your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Ford has been close to General Riviera. First, explain how these two men met. Over what activities did they bond? Then, explain how General Riviera feels about Ford's search for Jake Hollins and how he aided Ford in his quest. Be sure to include at least two specific scenes from the novel that you think support your argument to the relationship between Ford and General Riviera.

Essay Topic 3

The Masaguan government goes through a varied, violent change due to the two opposing political values of the President and his wife. First, describe the President's political values. Then, compare those values to his wife's values. What conflicts arise from these opposing political values? At the end of the novel, which of the two political powers is successful and how did they finally come to power in the Masaguan nation?

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