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Randy Wayne White
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Short Answer Questions

1. How do Ford and Tomlinson travel from Riviera's home to Masagua?

2. Which of the following statements does not describe Zacul in Ford's first impression of him?

3. Who gives Ford a run-down of the histories of each of Zacul's prisoners?

4. What does Ford hit Hollins in the face with as he exits Jessica's house?

5. What gift does Ford promise to give Zacul, which makes Zacul very excited?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is God's Eye Lake?

2. Who is Wendy Stafford?

3. How does Tomlinson prove his dedication to Ford while staying at General Riviera's?

4. What relationship does Ford have with Durell?

5. How and why does Ford test Tomlinson's honesty while they are traveling through Costa Rica?

6. What condition is Jake Hollins in when Ford finally finds him?

7. How does General Riviera react to the true reason as to why Ford is in Masagua?

8. What confessions does Pilar make to Ford when she sees him after the fight?

9. How does General Juan Riviera greet Ford when he arrives in Masagua?

10. How does Helen, Hollins's ex-wife, treat Ford when he arrives at her doorstep?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the opening of the novel, Ford is speeding away through an underground tunnel from the Presidential Palace in Masagua. First, explain what Ford was doing in the Presidential Palace to begin with. Then, explain how Ford used his cunning and wit to escape, undetected from danger. Finally, explain how these events, which take place in the prologue, spin the action of the entire novel into motion.

Essay Topic 2

The town of Sanibel, Florida is often overrun with tourists. First, describe the town of Sanibel and explain why tourists want to come. Then, describe Ford's relationship with the tourists. How does he treat them? Give examples of at least two specific scenes in the novel that you believe exemplify Ford's relationship with the tourists.

Essay Topic 3

As a biologist, Ford has an interesting relation with fish. First, explain how Ford treats wildlife when he is out on his boat fishing. What does Ford's relationship with the wild tell the reader about his character? Then, compare Ford's treatment of wild fish to his relationship with domestic fish. What is the same about these relationships? What is different? Is there anything surprising in this comparison?

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