Objects & Places from Sanibel Flats

Randy Wayne White
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Sanibel Biological Supply

This is the company that finds sharks and supplies them to biology classrooms across the country.

Dinkin's Bay

This is the name of the marina near Ford's house.

Tequesta Bank

This is the island where Ford finds Rafe's body hanging from a tree after an apparent suicide.

Isle de Verde

This is the small village where General Juan Rivera lives.

God's Eye Lake

This is the area where the Mayan religion and artifacts are found.

Kin Qux Cho

This is the ancient book of Mayan rituals and religious beliefs.


This is the poisonous fish Ford puts in the bouillabaisse sauce to sicken and kill Zacul.


This is Ford's main form of transportation in the novel.


This is where Rafe's ashes are kept.

Sanibel Flats

This is the name of the painting Jessica creates with Ford as the main topic.

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