Sanibel Flats Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Randy Wayne White
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• The novel opens with Dr. Marion Ford crawling through an underground tunnel. He isn't wearing any pants. An old man approaches him and speaks to him in an ancient language. Ford says that he doesn't understand and wants to know if he can buy the old man's pants.

• The old man is suspicious an wonders what Ford is doing without pants so near to a convent, but agrees to sell them anyway. Ford rolls up the pant legs and pretends to be a jogger when he is surrounded by police officers.

• The next morning, Ford makes his way to the American embassy to find a parcel continuing his pants, some money, and a note from the President's wife, Pilar Santana Fuentes Balserio, saying she will not be joining Ford as he planned.

• As Ford flies back to America, he decides that he wants to live a quiet...

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