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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Marsten House named for?
(a) Hubert and Birdie Marsten.
(b) Marsten Real Estate.
(c) Marsten, the pig.
(d) Billy and Bobby Marsten.

2. Why does Marjorie Glick report her sons missing?
(a) They are overdue at home and never arrived at their destination.
(b) They have been out all night.
(c) They did not go to school that day.
(d) They missed the bus that should have brought them home.

3. Who does Larry Crockett hire to do what Straker has requested?
(a) Royal Snow and Mike Ryerson.
(b) Hank Peters and Mike Ryerson.
(c) Hank Peters and Dub Rogers.
(d) Royal Snow and Hank Peters.

4. Where is Ben staying while in Jerusalem's Lot?
(a) With Susan Norton.
(b) At Eva Miller's boarding house.
(c) In Marsten House.
(d) At the local hotel.

5. What does Hank Peters see in Marsten House that makes him convinced something is not right about Straker and Barlow?
(a) Clothing that looks like the ones Ralphie was wearing when he disappeared.
(b) Expensive paintings that must be stolen.
(c) Blood all over the walls and floor of the cellar.
(d) Illegal drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks a friend in the FBI to investigate the backgrounds of Ben Mears, Straker, and Barlow in the aftermath of the search for the missing boy?

2. Who tells her daughter she disapproves of Ben Mears?

3. Why does Charlie Rhodes make two children get off the bus?

4. Who sold the Marsten House?

5. Who is the custodian at the local dump?

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