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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Norman described when Sabbath sees him?

2. Who is Fish?

3. While on the subway in New York, from which of the following plays does Sabbath recite lines?

4. What does Sabbath think that Michelle is trying to communicate to him by what she is wearing?

5. During which of the following months was Morty killed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sabbath do after opening the box of Morty's possessions?

2. Why are a few pages of Part 6 written without punctuation?

3. What happened at Sabbath's trial for public indecency?

4. What story does Norman encourage Sabbath to tell Michelle at dinner?

5. Why was Sabbath escorted off the grounds by security when he went to visit Roseanna at the psychiatric hospital?

6. How does Sabbath locate the cemetery where his parents are buried?

7. What did Roseanna do when she found out about the scandal that caused Sabbath to lose his job?

8. In Part 6, why does Sabbath liken himself to Rip Van Winkle?

9. What are some of the items that Sabbath finds in the box containing Morty's possessions?

10. How does Sabbath convince Michelle to have an affair with him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In most cases, Sabbath is completely oblivious to the emotions of the people around him. How does his lack of empathy affect those people? Why is he unable to discern the emotions of others? What consequences have befallen Sabbath as a result of his inability to empathize with others? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your thesis.

Essay Topic 2

Sabbath has been married twice: to Nikki, and then to Roseanna. What qualities do his two wives have in common? What attracted them to Sabbath? What attracted Sabbath to them? Why did Sabbath choose to marry them, despite the fact that he seems incapable of love? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your thesis.

Essay Topic 3

Sabbath describes his time on the "Romance Run" as some of the best years of his life. How did participating in the "Romance Run" at such an impressionable age affect Sabbath's personal development? Why? Would the "Romance Run" have had less of an impact on Sabbath if he had participated in it at a less crucial time in his personal development? Why? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your thesis.

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