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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the spirit of Sabbath's mother respond when he asks her why he is still so concerned about Nikki's disappearance?
(a) By saying that he has thought about it for so long, and still does not know anything.
(b) By saying that he needs closure, and wants to know why she left.
(c) By saying that he never liked to leave things unfinished.
(d) By saying that he is a perfectionist and cannot accept the idea that he cannot find her.

2. Why was Sabbath attracted to Roseanna?
(a) Because she was rich, and her father was powerful.
(b) Because she was good-looking, and a great dancer.
(c) Because she was confident and capable.
(d) Because she did not seem as interested in him as he was in her.

3. What did Sabbath and Ron do together?
(a) Wrote Sabbath's acts.
(b) Set up their own theatre.
(c) Went to San Francisco.
(d) Hitchhiked to New York.

4. Why did Sabbath stop directing?
(a) Because too many actors refused to work with him.
(b) Because he lost his job by spending all of his time searching for Nikki.
(c) Because he was not allowed to make the radical changes that he wanted to make.
(d) Because it was not exciting without Nikki as his leading lady.

5. Why did Barrett look uncomfortable at Drenka's funeral?
(a) Because he was there with his pregnant wife.
(b) Because dead bodies made him very uncomfortable.
(c) Because he disliked several people who were present.
(d) Because he knew that Sabbath was aware of his affair with Drenka.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Sabbath's mother when Morty died?

2. Who is Matthew?

3. Christa went to Madamaska Falls from which of the following cities?

4. Why does Roseanna hate Sabbath now?

5. Who is Roseanna?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Sabbath quit directing?

2. How is Drenka described in Part 1?

3. Why did Sabbath choose to leave New York?

4. In what political environment was Drenka raised?

5. How does Sabbath make the decision to leave Roseanna?

6. What event ended in Sabbath's arrest?

7. Why does Norman Cowan call Sabbath at the beginning of Part 3?

8. What happened between Sabbath, Drenka, and Christa?

9. At the end of Chapter 3, what happens at Drenka's grave?

10. What caused Matija to end his encounter with Sabbath abruptly, but politely?

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