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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Silvija?
(a) Matija's sister.
(b) Drenka's niece.
(c) Drenka's daughter.
(d) Sabbath's cousin.

2. What personal crisis led to Roseanna's hospital stay in 1989?
(a) A scandal involving Sabbath and one of his students.
(b) The death of her parents.
(c) A miscarriage.
(d) A divorce.

3. What is Matthew's profession?
(a) Puppeteer.
(b) Police officer.
(c) Firefighter.
(d) Innkeeper.

4. At the end of Part 3, who is at Drenka's grave when Sabbath arrives there?
(a) Silvija.
(b) Barrett.
(c) Scott.
(d) Matija.

5. Who was Barrett?
(a) Matija's assistant.
(b) Drenka's last conquest.
(c) Silvija's brother.
(d) Drenka's son with Sabbath.

6. Why does Sabbath think that Nikki committed suicide?
(a) Because the character she played committed suicide.
(b) Because she talked about killing herself a lot before she disappeared.
(c) Because her wounds appeared to be self-inflicted to Sabbath, despite the ruling that it was a murder.
(d) Because she was depressed before her disappearance.

7. In Part 2, why is Sabbath angry with himself at Drenka's grave?
(a) For having continued his affair with Drenka despite the toll on his marriage.
(b) For not having told Drenka how he felt.
(c) For not having killed Matija.
(d) For not having left Roseanna to be with Drenka.

8. Why did Barrett look uncomfortable at Drenka's funeral?
(a) Because he knew that Sabbath was aware of his affair with Drenka.
(b) Because dead bodies made him very uncomfortable.
(c) Because he disliked several people who were present.
(d) Because he was there with his pregnant wife.

9. What does Sabbath blame for his inability to express his love for Drenka?
(a) His wife.
(b) His personality.
(c) His upbringing.
(d) His friends.

10. Why does Sabbath only visit Drenka's grave at night?
(a) He does not like being in graveyards during the day.
(b) He does not want Roseanna to become suspicious.
(c) He does not want anyone to be able to identify him if they see him there.
(d) He is afraid that he will run into her son or one of her many lovers.

11. Sabbath often feels the presence of which of his departed relatives?
(a) Morty.
(b) His mother.
(c) His stillborn sister.
(d) His father.

12. What did Linc think had happened to Nikki?
(a) That she left to be with someone else.
(b) That she ran home to her family.
(c) That she vanished to kill herself.
(d) That she was abducted by a jealous lover.

13. In what way was Nikki different when she was on stage?
(a) She was more graceful.
(b) She would lose her speech impediment.
(c) She was more confident.
(d) She was able to focus better.

14. In Part 2, why does Sabbath feel sorry for himself at Drenka's grave?
(a) Because he did not receive any sympathy for Drenka's death.
(b) Because no one in town would believe that he was capable of love.
(c) Because Roseanna is not able to allay his grief.
(d) Because he is in a loveless marriage.

15. How did Sabbath persuade Christa to allow him to come to her house?
(a) He posed as a police officer.
(b) He pretended to be a plumber.
(c) He offered to buy one of her pieces of art.
(d) He told her that he could get her a job.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following did Drenka once ask Sabbath to do for Matija?

2. What did Christa say to Sabbath the last time she saw him?

3. How old was Sabbath when he first set up his own theater?

4. What does Drenka's husband do for a living?

5. How did Sabbath's brother, Morty, die?

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