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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sabbath scare Scott Lewis away from Drenka's grave?
(a) He barks like a dog.
(b) He shoots at him.
(c) He throws a large rock at him.
(d) He runs out yelling from behind a tree.

2. What happened as a result of the favor that Drenka asked Sabbath to perform for Matija?
(a) Matthew and Matija had an intense argument and had not spoken since.
(b) Matija made himself look ridiculous in his speech.
(c) Matija was audited, and went bankrupt.
(d) Matija had to be supported by the public dole.

3. Why did Sabbath leave New York the first time?
(a) Because he had lost his job and had no reason to stay.
(b) Because he wanted to live closer to Roseanna.
(c) Because he was going crazy searching for Nikki.
(d) Because he wanted to be closer to his family.

4. Why did Barrett stop speaking to Drenka before her death?
(a) Because he was afraid that Matija would discover their affair.
(b) Because he was angry with Sabbath.
(c) Because he did not want to get involved with her illness.
(d) Because he was angry with her for asking him to leave his wife.

5. How does the spirit of Sabbath's mother respond when he asks her why he is still so concerned about Nikki's disappearance?
(a) By saying that he is a perfectionist and cannot accept the idea that he cannot find her.
(b) By saying that he never liked to leave things unfinished.
(c) By saying that he has thought about it for so long, and still does not know anything.
(d) By saying that he needs closure, and wants to know why she left.

6. Why does Sabbath think that Drenka is not attracted to her husband?
(a) Because of his weight.
(b) Because he has lost his fortune.
(c) Because of his age.
(d) Because of the monogamous nature of their relationship.

7. How does Sabbath respond when Roseanna demands to know why he stayed with her when she was a drunk?
(a) He tells her that he stayed because of her paychecks.
(b) He blatantly ignores her.
(c) He pretends not to hear her.
(d) He tells her about his affair with Drenka.

8. How did Sabbath and Roseanna meet?
(a) Roseanna was his puppet partner.
(b) Roseanna was friends with his first wife, Nikki.
(c) Roseanna was one of Sabbath's devoted fans, and attended every one of his shows.
(d) Sabbath agreed to present a private show for Roseanna's father.

9. What is Matthew's profession?
(a) Firefighter.
(b) Innkeeper.
(c) Puppeteer.
(d) Police officer.

10. What attracted Drenka to her husband, Matija?
(a) He was a very religious man.
(b) He was incredibly handsome, as well as rich.
(c) He did not subscribe to the political views upon which she had been raised.
(d) He was rebellious, and an outcast.

11. According to Norman, which of the following rumors did Linc never believe about Sabbath?
(a) That Sabbath was an alcoholic.
(b) That Sabbath had nothing to do with the disappearance of his first wife.
(c) That Sabbath had gotten Roseanna pregnant while he was married to Nikki.
(d) That Sabbath had murdered someone.

12. Why does Roseanna hate Sabbath now?
(a) He will not grant her a divorce.
(b) He will not move with her, so that she can be closer to her family.
(c) Because he has not touched her sexually in ten years, and is bitter about his career.
(d) He will not allow her to see his son.

13. For which of the following crimes was Sabbath arrested in 1956?
(a) Statutory rape.
(b) Corrupting a minor.
(c) Lewdness.
(d) Public indecency.

14. Why did Barrett look uncomfortable at Drenka's funeral?
(a) Because he was there with his pregnant wife.
(b) Because dead bodies made him very uncomfortable.
(c) Because he knew that Sabbath was aware of his affair with Drenka.
(d) Because he disliked several people who were present.

15. In Part 2, why is Sabbath angry with himself at Drenka's grave?
(a) For not having told Drenka how he felt.
(b) For having continued his affair with Drenka despite the toll on his marriage.
(c) For not having killed Matija.
(d) For not having left Roseanna to be with Drenka.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sabbath often feels the presence of which of his departed relatives?

2. Who is Silvija?

3. What new emotion is Sabbath experiencing at the beginning of Part 2?

4. What does Sabbath blame for his inability to express his love for Drenka?

5. Who is Lincoln ("Linc") Gelman?

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