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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Matija's story about the sympathy cards that he received after Drenka's death upset Sabbath?
(a) Because Sabbath is guilty due to Matija's genuine sadness over his wife's death.
(b) Because Sabbath is jealous that he did not receive any sympathy cards after Drenka's death.
(c) Because Sabbath is angry on account of Matija not having known Drenka as well as he did, and does not deserve the sympathy.
(d) Because Sabbath is jealous that he did not receive any sympathy cards after the death of his first wife, Nikki.

2. Who is Lincoln ("Linc") Gelman?
(a) One of Drenka's lovers.
(b) Sabbath's long-time friend.
(c) Roseanna's cousin.
(d) Sabbath's nephew.

3. What is Matthew's profession?
(a) Police officer.
(b) Puppeteer.
(c) Innkeeper.
(d) Firefighter.

4. How did Sabbath persuade Christa to allow him to come to her house?
(a) He pretended to be a plumber.
(b) He offered to buy one of her pieces of art.
(c) He told her that he could get her a job.
(d) He posed as a police officer.

5. Why did Barrett look uncomfortable at Drenka's funeral?
(a) Because he knew that Sabbath was aware of his affair with Drenka.
(b) Because he disliked several people who were present.
(c) Because dead bodies made him very uncomfortable.
(d) Because he was there with his pregnant wife.

6. Why does Sabbath think that Nikki committed suicide?
(a) Because the character she played committed suicide.
(b) Because her wounds appeared to be self-inflicted to Sabbath, despite the ruling that it was a murder.
(c) Because she talked about killing herself a lot before she disappeared.
(d) Because she was depressed before her disappearance.

7. What does Sabbath think Roseanna uses as an excuse to delay leaving him?
(a) Her lack of money and a place to go.
(b) Her fear of being alone.
(c) Her inability to function on her own.
(d) The abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

8. Who is Matthew?
(a) Drenka's nephew.
(b) Sabbath's son.
(c) Drenka's son.
(d) Sabbath's brother.

9. Why does Drenka discuss Matthew's career only with Sabbath?
(a) Because Drenka does not talk to her other family members much.
(b) Because Sabbath understands because he used to be in the same profession.
(c) Because Matija is disappointed that his son has become a police officer.
(d) Because Sabbath is the only one who knows that Drenka still talks to Matthew.

10. Why was Drenka hurt when Barrett stopped speaking to her?
(a) Because she did not feel that she had done anything wrong.
(b) Because he never told her why.
(c) Because she expected him to treat her more lovingly.
(d) Because she saw Sabbath less afterward.

11. What surprised Matija enough to cause him to end his conversation with Sabbath?
(a) Sabbath's mention of Silvija.
(b) Seeing Sabbath's birthmark, and realizing that he had met him before.
(c) Pictures of Drenka that Sabbath possessed.
(d) Sabbath's comments about Drenka's sexual performance.

12. Christa was an immigrant from which of the following countries?
(a) Turkey.
(b) Germany.
(c) Russia.
(d) Czechoslovakia.

13. Why did Barrett stop speaking to Drenka before her death?
(a) Because he was angry with Sabbath.
(b) Because he did not want to get involved with her illness.
(c) Because he was angry with her for asking him to leave his wife.
(d) Because he was afraid that Matija would discover their affair.

14. What did Linc think had happened to Nikki?
(a) That she left to be with someone else.
(b) That she was abducted by a jealous lover.
(c) That she ran home to her family.
(d) That she vanished to kill herself.

15. What is Sabbath's former profession?
(a) Writer.
(b) Musician.
(c) Puppeteer.
(d) Singer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Sabbath's mother when Morty died?

2. Under what type of government was Drenka raised?

3. Over the years, Sabbath has encouraged Drenka to do which of the following?

4. How does Sabbath scare Scott Lewis away from Drenka's grave?

5. Which of the following did Drenka once ask Sabbath to do for Matija?

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