Sabbath's Theater Character Descriptions

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Mickey Sabbath

This character makes many long speeches about how life has been unfair to him.

Roseanna Sabbath

This character suffered from alcoholism and depression at one time.

Drenka Balich

On the surface, this character is successful in business and devoted to her family; however, she lives a lewd double-life.

Helen Trumbull

A student, this character vouched for the main character in court.

Ron Metzner

This character was the main character's best friend in school.

Matthew Balich

Instead of running the family business, this character decided to become a police officer.

Matija Balich

Originally from Croatia, this character moved to America and made a handsome living running an inn with his wife.

Norman Cowan

This character is Jewish, and grew up as the privileged son of wealthy parents.

Lincoln Gelman

This character's suicide came as a relief to everyone, since not even his friends could bear to be...

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