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Short Answer Questions

1. When Rodriguez gets a summer job during college , what does it teach him about "real work"?

2. What is the Third World Student Movement?

3. When Rodriguez applies for teaching jobs, what happens?

4. While he studies at Stanford, what does Rodriguez do to make money?

5. Who teaches Rodriguez that stereotypes are not accurate?

Short Essay Questions

1. As a teacher, how does Rodriguez interact with these other minority students? Why does he act that way?

2. What does Rodriguez think about the Civil Rights Movement?

3. What does Rodriguez learn from working with the construction workers? Give two specific examples.

4. How does Rodriguez feel about white students' attitudes toward affirmative action?

5. How do Rodriguez's ideas about dark skin change as he grows up? Give specific examples.

6. How does Rodriguez feel about writing? How does he feel about writing about his family? How has he handled it in the past? How is he handling it now?

7. What conversation does Rodriguez have with a colleague about teaching positions? What decision does Rodriguez make as a result of that conversation?

8. How would Rodriguez change affirmative action? What examples does he offer to support his suggestion?

9. How does Rodriguez describe his mother's interaction with the public world? Give specific examples.

10. How does Rodriguez use the label "minority student"? How does he feel about it? Give specific reasons why he feels that way.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rodriguez says that writing is difficult and writing about his family is very difficult. When he is younger, he makes up elaborate lies about his family. As an adult, he chooses to write this book about his family, which is intended to be a realistic portrayal of his relationship with them.

Part One: If writing is difficult and he does it anyway, what does that tell you about what he has to say?

Part Two: Why is writing about his family more difficult than other types of writing? Why did he lie about his family when he was younger? Is he telling the truth about them now? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Rodriguez clearly sees books as something powerful and potentially dangerous. Early on in the book, Rodriguez describes himself as being afraid to learn to read because he was aware of the power of books. Later, he describes his mother asking him what was in all those books and why he needed to read all of them. At the end of the book, he describes his nephew, who is reading, as someone who may cause trouble.

Part One: What has happened in his life to lead him to that conclusion? Give specific examples.

Part Two: Do you think other people in the book would agree with his conclusion? Why or why not? Give specific examples.

Essay Topic 3

Rodriguez talks a lot about the difference between public and private language.

Part One: How does he define the difference between public and private language? Analyze what he is saying - don't just say that his public language is English and his private language is Spanish. What really defines the differences between the two types of language?

Part Two: Do people have to be bilingual to have a private language? Why or why not? Use examples from the book to support your argument.

Part Three: Are there times when two characters are speaking the same language but not really communicating or understanding each other? What does that say about private and public language?

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