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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Now that he is a teacher, what does Rodriguez blame white students for?
(a) They think they are smarter than the professors.
(b) They are rude to the minority students.
(c) They do not make an effort to help poor white students get an education.
(d) They are arrogant and selfish about their grades.

2. How does Rodriguez's sister feel about her children's complexions?
(a) She wants them to take care of their skin so they are more attractive.
(b) She is relieved when they are light-skinned.
(c) She is disappointed that they do not look more like her.
(d) She is relieved when they are dark-skinned.

3. What does Rodriguez tell his mother about talking to strangers?
(a) Talking to strangers is always difficult.
(b) There are some things so intimate it is easier to say them to strangers.
(c) Talking to strangers is more difficult in Spanish than English.
(d) She needs to learn how to talk to strangers more easily.

4. According to Rodriguez, what did some sympathetic professors do for black students who were struggling?
(a) They gave the students passing grades they had not earned.
(b) They helped the students with their homework.
(c) They helped the students cheat on tests.
(d) They tutored them outside of class.

5. When a student complains that he is being kept out of law school, what does Rodriguez do?
(a) Stay out of it.
(b) Support his case.
(c) Argue against his case.
(d) Tell him to stop whining.

6. Does Rodriguez believe that his mother knows about his book?
(a) No.
(b) No, but he is afraid she will find his manuscript and read it.
(c) Yes, but she will not admit it.
(d) Yes.

7. What comment from a professor makes Rodriguez rethink his use of the label "minority student"?
(a) That he does not count as a minority.
(b) That he automatically gets an "A" because he is a minority.
(c) That he is a bad writer because he is a minority.
(d) That his opinion is based on his minority status.

8. Where did Rodriguez teach in the 1960s and 1970s?
(a) Stanford.
(b) Harvard.
(c) UCLA.
(d) UC Berkeley.

9. When Rodriguez applies for teaching jobs, what happens?
(a) He gets one or two offers from out-of-state schools.
(b) He does not get any job offers.
(c) He gets lots of good job offers.
(d) He is told the schools will not hire a minority candidate.

10. What does Rodriguez have to do if he is going to write this book?
(a) Offend his friends.
(b) Insult his family.
(c) Make his opinions public.
(d) Embarrass his teachers.

11. What does Rodriguez have to face in order to write the book?
(a) His family history.
(b) His attitudes about religion.
(c) His past.
(d) His own mistakes.

12. What new academic field do these minority college students ask for?
(a) Third world studies.
(b) Ethnic studies.
(c) Ethnography.
(d) Anthropology.

13. Does Rodriguez's mother blame him for what happened to their family?
(a) Yes, but she also blames herself.
(b) Yes.
(c) No, but she thinks he made it worse when he went to London.
(d) No.

14. What does Rodriguez think about his ability to succeed with women?
(a) He will fail because his skin color makes him ugly.
(b) He will attract a lot of women because he is "exotic."
(c) He will succeed because he has such a beautiful "tan."
(d) He can only flirt with dark-skinned women.

15. Based on her behavior, who does Rodriguez's mother consider part of the "gringos"?
(a) Her grandchildren.
(b) Her next door neighbors.
(c) Her children's friends and spouses.
(d) Her children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one thing that Rodriguez says happened to black students promoted through affirmative action?

2. Where does Rodriguez go for his fellowship?

3. In Complexion, Chapter 3, what does Rodriguez realize about education?

4. How does Rodriguez's sister's friend challenge his ideas about complexion?

5. In Complexion, Chapter 2, what does Rodriguez do to try to change his skin color?

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