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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rodriguez have to do if he is going to write this book?
(a) Insult his family.
(b) Offend his friends.
(c) Embarrass his teachers.
(d) Make his opinions public.

2. Who teaches Rodriguez that stereotypes are not accurate?
(a) His boss at his job.
(b) The well-educated construction workers.
(c) His professors at Stanford.
(d) The other students.

3. What is Rodriguez aware of when he visits his rich friends?
(a) His friends are fascinated by his skin color.
(b) His friends treat him differently because of his skin color.
(c) His friends talk about skin color differently than his family does.
(d) There are dark-skinned servants, but he is a friend, not a servant.

4. How does Rodriguez think about the old religious traditions of his childhood?
(a) He is glad the traditions have changed.
(b) He misses the ritual.
(c) He thinks those traditions are only suitable for people like his parents.
(d) He thinks they are old-fashioned and silly.

5. According to Rodriguez, who does affirmative action help?
(a) Minority students who already have some advantages.
(b) White college professors who feel guilty about the Civil Rights Movement.
(c) White students who want an excuse for not getting into school.
(d) All minority students.

6. What does Rodriguez think skin color says about financial status?
(a) Dark-skinned people are rich.
(b) Dark-skinned people are poor.
(c) Light-skinned people need to work less and get outside more.
(d) Light-skinned people are poor.

7. How does Rodriguez describe the changes in the mass that happen as he grows up?
(a) It is more like a community celebration than a prayer.
(b) It becomes more formal and structured.
(c) It becomes less formal.
(d) It is more like a prayer than a community celebration.

8. What has happened to Rodriguez's classmate who applied for the same type of teaching jobs?
(a) He is told the schools will not hire a minority candidate.
(b) He gets one or two offers from out-of-state schools.
(c) He gets lots of good job offers.
(d) He does not get any job offers.

9. Where does Rodriguez go for his fellowship?
(a) London.
(b) Paris.
(c) Mexico City.
(d) Rome.

10. How does Rodriguez's sister feel about her children's complexions?
(a) She wants them to take care of their skin so they are more attractive.
(b) She is relieved when they are dark-skinned.
(c) She is relieved when they are light-skinned.
(d) She is disappointed that they do not look more like her.

11. How does Rodriguez's sister's friend challenge his ideas about complexion?
(a) She is white, but not rich.
(b) She is light-skinned but spends more time outdoors than he does.
(c) She is black, but not poor.
(d) She is dark-skinned but spends more time indoors than he does.

12. What does Rodriguez tell his mother about talking to strangers?
(a) There are some things so intimate it is easier to say them to strangers.
(b) Talking to strangers is more difficult in Spanish than English.
(c) She needs to learn how to talk to strangers more easily.
(d) Talking to strangers is always difficult.

13. What does Rodriguez have to face in order to write the book?
(a) His family history.
(b) His past.
(c) His attitudes about religion.
(d) His own mistakes.

14. How does Rodriguez's mother act differently in public?
(a) She struggles to speak English.
(b) Her voice gets higher and she speaks more formally.
(c) Her voice gets lower and quieter.
(d) She is more outgoing and friendly.

15. How does Rodriguez feel about writing a book on his family?
(a) It is very hard for him.
(b) It is very easy for him.
(c) He is excited about it.
(d) He is worried about what his family will say.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodriguez's professor ask him about applying for teaching jobs?

2. Why does Rodriguez's mother not understand his explanation about psychiatry?

3. What does Rodriguez's editor say about his idea for a book?

4. What do the students say about Rodriguez?

5. When he was a child, what did his parents say he looked like?

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