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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Mr. Secrets, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rodriguez call the English-speaking people his family interacts with?
(a) Gringos.
(b) Otros.
(c) Non-Mexicans.
(d) Foreigners.

2. How does Rodriguez's grandmother affect his ideas on language?
(a) Translating her stories shows him how things get lost in translation.
(b) She tells him Spanish is the best language.
(c) Translating her stories helps him realize that intimacy is not connected to one language.
(d) Her stubborn refusal to speak English shows him how people cling to old ideas.

3. What does Rodriguez say education does to the scholarship boy?
(a) It teaches him to look down on people who are not educated.
(b) It teaches him to stand up for himself.
(c) It teaches him to be less unique and more like other people.
(d) It teaches him to fight for justice.

4. What does Rodriguez see as the value of a book?
(a) Its theme.
(b) Its vocabulary and use of language.
(c) Its plot or storyline.
(d) Its characters.

5. According to Rodriguez, what is wrong with speaking a private language in public?
(a) It is embarrassing.
(b) It prevents people from learning the public language.
(c) It will eventually stop being a private language.
(d) Most people will not understand what is being said.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rodriguez describe the 1960s student?

2. What does Rodriguez learn about complexion from his family?

3. What does Rodriguez finally decide about affirmative action?

4. Where does Rodriguez believe English should be spoken?

5. What do the students say about Rodriguez?

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