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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Mr. Secrets, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Rodriguez's teachers visit his house?
(a) To ask the family to practice speaking English.
(b) To talk about his bad behavior.
(c) To meet his parents.
(d) To ask his parents to volunteer at the school.

2. According to Rodriguez's family, how are men supposed to be?
(a) Intelligent, kind, and good at providing for a family.
(b) Gentle, polite, and soft-spoken.
(c) Tough, aggressive, and bossy.
(d) Ruggedly handsome, strong in character, and responsible.

3. What does Rodriguez say about how the people around him now say his name?
(a) They pronounce it differently than his Spanish-speaking family.
(b) They say his name just like everyone else's name.
(c) They say it as if they are impressed to know him.
(d) They mispronounce it.

4. In Complexion, Chapter 2, what does Rodriguez do to try to change his skin color?
(a) Shave his arms.
(b) Scrub the color off.
(c) Take medication.
(d) Bleach his skin.

5. What is Rodriguez taught about marrying someone of a different religion?
(a) It is a good idea.
(b) It is difficult to make it work.
(c) It is a sin.
(d) It is all right if both families approve of it.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Rodriguez hears about religious practices that are different from his own, what does he think of them?

2. How does Rodriguez change his religious practices?

3. How does a newspaper affect Rodriguez's reading habits?

4. How well can Rodriguez speak English when he starts school?

5. What does Rodriguez's professor ask him about applying for teaching jobs?

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