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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Mr. Secrets, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he is a child, what do people say about Rodriguez's complexion?
(a) They joke with him about how light his skin is.
(b) They tell him he is handsome.
(c) They tease him.
(d) They tell him to see a doctor to get help.

2. What does Rodriguez think about his ability to succeed with women?
(a) He will attract a lot of women because he is "exotic."
(b) He will fail because his skin color makes him ugly.
(c) He will succeed because he has such a beautiful "tan."
(d) He can only flirt with dark-skinned women.

3. According to Rodriguez, what did some sympathetic professors do for black students who were struggling?
(a) They helped the students with their homework.
(b) They gave the students passing grades they had not earned.
(c) They helped the students cheat on tests.
(d) They tutored them outside of class.

4. In The Achievement of Desire, Chapter 4, how does Rodriguez describe his relationship with his parents?
(a) They are "culturally separated."
(b) They are "strangers and relatives."
(c) They are "the old way and the new way."
(d) They are "warm but uncomfortable."

5. How does Rodriguez feel about his family background?
(a) He is proud of it.
(b) He does not think about it too much.
(c) He is embarrassed by it.
(d) He wants to know more about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Rodriguez reaches the end of his education, what does he have to confront?

2. How does Rodriguez describe himself as a child?

3. How does a newspaper affect Rodriguez's reading habits?

4. How does Rodriguez's mother act differently in public?

5. How well can Rodriguez speak English when he starts school?

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