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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Complexion, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Rodriguez hears about religious practices that are different from his own, what does he think of them?
(a) He is shocked and thinks they are wrong.
(b) He sees how similar they are to his own practices.
(c) He likes them better than his own practices.
(d) He is curious about them.

2. What does Rodriguez realize about language and intimacy?
(a) That intimacy is about the relationship between the people, not about what language they speak.
(b) That he can express himself better in English than in Spanish.
(c) That Spanish is always a more intimate language that English.
(d) That language is how a person maintains their intimacy with other people.

3. What does Rodriguez think of his parents' ideas on religion?
(a) They just do what the priest tells them to do.
(b) They are deep and profound.
(c) They are based on good Church teachings.
(d) They are too simple.

4. How does Rodriguez describe the sound of English?
(a) Flat and boring.
(b) Loud and confident.
(c) Weak and quiet.
(d) Awkward and confusing.

5. How does Rodriguez think about the old religious traditions of his childhood?
(a) He misses the ritual.
(b) He thinks they are old-fashioned and silly.
(c) He thinks those traditions are only suitable for people like his parents.
(d) He is glad the traditions have changed.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Rodriguez moves into graduate school, what does he realize about his education?

2. How does the family's communication change as the children learn more English?

3. Who teaches Rodriguez that stereotypes are not accurate?

4. How does Rodriguez explain his success to people?

5. As an adult, what do people think his complexion says about him?

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