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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Complexion, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Rodriguez say surrounds him now?
(a) The children he teaches.
(b) Rich people.
(c) Spanish-speaking immigrants.
(d) Politicians and lawmakers.

2. How does Rodriguez describe himself now?
(a) An education expert.
(b) A Latino activist.
(c) A middle-class American.
(d) A famous author.

3. How does the family's use of the word "gringo" change as the children learn more English?
(a) The children do not like their parents to use that word any more.
(b) They stop saying it because they no longer use Spanish words.
(c) They use it to compliment each other on how well they speak English.
(d) It starts to mean "a non-Hispanic American" as opposed to the "other" or "outsider" that it used to imply.

4. What is Rodriguez told about reading the Bible?
(a) Read it in the classroom with someone to guide him.
(b) Read it at mass on Sunday.
(c) Do not read it at all.
(d) Read it every day.

5. According to Rodriguez's family, what is wrong with Richard?
(a) He needs to be more responsible.
(b) He needs to work at hard labor.
(c) He is more like a woman because he talks a lot and has soft hands.
(d) He needs to talk more when he is at home.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rodriguez's father react to his educational accomplishments?

2. How do Rodriguez's parents respond when he wants to go to Stanford?

3. How does Rodriguez's sister's friend challenge his ideas about complexion?

4. In The Achievement of Desire, Prologue, Rodriguez says that now that he is successful, people always ask him a certain question. What is it?

5. What does Rodriguez call the English-speaking people his family interacts with?

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