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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Credo, Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Rodriguez think his religious education had the effect it was supposed to?
(a) Yes, because he gets a good education.
(b) Yes, because it kept him involved with the religion.
(c) No, because he eventually stops practicing the religion.
(d) No, because the schools were supposed to give him a broader view.

2. How does a newspaper affect Rodriguez's reading habits?
(a) He decides to read the newspaper instead of books.
(b) He decides to read all the book on the bestseller list.
(c) An article explains why reading books can help you do well on tests, so he reads even more books.
(d) An article describes 100 important books and he decides to read all of them.

3. How does Rodriguez feel about learning English?
(a) Bored, because he does not really want to learn it.
(b) Guilty, because he feels like he has damaged his family's close relationship.
(c) Frustrated, because he does not learn it very well.
(d) Proud, because it is a hard language to learn.

4. Why do Rodriguez's teachers visit his house?
(a) To talk about his bad behavior.
(b) To meet his parents.
(c) To ask the family to practice speaking English.
(d) To ask his parents to volunteer at the school.

5. How does Rodriguez feel about his parents' English skills?
(a) He is afraid they will get in trouble because they do not speak English properly.
(b) He thinks they do all right speaking a mix of Spanish and English.
(c) He is troubled by their poor English skills.
(d) He wishes his mom would do all the talking.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rodriguez's mother react to his educational accomplishments?

2. What does Rodriguez say would be the disadvantage of bilingual education?

3. As he finishes his education, does Rodriguez think his parents still love him? How do you know?

4. What did Rodriguez learn about other religions beside his own?

5. How does the scholarship boy use education?

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