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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Credo, Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rodriguez see the scholarship boy?
(a) As someone who is doomed to fail.
(b) As the teacher's pet.
(c) As the teacher's puppet.
(d) As the future of the country.

2. What does Rodriguez say about bilingual education and the language of "separateness"?
(a) Bilingual students feel separated from their education in an English-only classroom.
(b) Students will learn better if they feel they are separate from English-speaking students.
(c) Bilingual education should reinforce the separation of the two languages.
(d) Other languages reinforce the idea that the students are separate from the larger society.

3. Rodriguez has acknowledged that his relationship with his family changed as he became more educated. What does he say about how that affected his success?
(a) He used it to motivate him to try harder.
(b) He does not complain about the change because he is so glad to be well-educated.
(c) He used it as an excuse to not work very hard.
(d) He used it to explain to people what his life was like before he was educated.

4. How does the scholarship boy use education?
(a) To get a good job.
(b) To make friends.
(c) To make money.
(d) To change himself.

5. How does Rodriguez describe the sound of English?
(a) Awkward and confusing.
(b) Weak and quiet.
(c) Flat and boring.
(d) Loud and confident.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Rodriguez, what is wrong with speaking a private language in public?

2. In Aria, Chapter 3, why does Rodriguez's family tease him?

3. What does Rodriguez call the English-speaking people his family interacts with?

4. Did Rodriguez's brother and sister tell him what to expect at school?

5. How does the family's communication change as the children learn more English?

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