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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Credo, Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the "scholarship boy" described?
(a) A good son but a troubled student.
(b) A good student who is guaranteed to succeed.
(c) A good student but a troubled son.
(d) A good son who wants to please his parents.

2. What two versions of his religion does Rodriguez say his parents had to choose between?
(a) The gentle, happy version and the intense, frightening version.
(b) The old-fashioned version and the modern version.
(c) The version that talks about sin and the version that talks about love.
(d) The Mexican version and the English-speaking version.

3. Where do Rodriguez's parents speak Spanish and where do they speak English?
(a) English everywhere.
(b) Spanish at home, English in public.
(c) Spanish everywhere.
(d) English at home, Spanish in public.

4. How does Rodriguez's father change as the family starts to speak English more?
(a) He gets upset and insists that they speak to him in Spanish.
(b) He takes classes to learn English.
(c) He complains about using English.
(d) He grows quieter because he is uncomfortable with English.

5. What does Rodriguez wonder about his parents and his education?
(a) If they can help him with his homework.
(b) If they think he should be studying a different subject.
(c) If they think he is trying hard enough in class.
(d) If they will understand the knowledge he gains.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodriguez call the English-speaking people his family interacts with?

2. Where does Rodriguez believe Spanish should be spoken?

3. What does Rodriguez's family seem to think about Spanish and English?

4. What does Rodriguez's teacher tell him about reading and complicated ideas?

5. Once the family has shifted to speaking English, how does Rodriguez feel when he hears families speaking Spanish?

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