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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Achievement of Desire, Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rodriguez's father react to his educational accomplishments?
(a) He says college is a waste of time.
(b) He throws away Richard's diploma.
(c) He teases him, but is still proud of him.
(d) He does not care if Richard does well in school.

2. How does Rodriguez describe the sound of English?
(a) Weak and quiet.
(b) Loud and confident.
(c) Flat and boring.
(d) Awkward and confusing.

3. Why does Rodriguez say he is writing this book?
(a) To complain about the bad schools he attended.
(b) To explain how hard school is for children who do not speak English.
(c) To study how he became the person he is today.
(d) To encourage other people to get a good education.

4. As Rodriguez learns more English, what does he do about his parents' English skills?
(a) He gets angry at them for speaking Spanish.
(b) He corrects their grammar.
(c) He tells them to be quiet and let him do the talking.
(d) He teaches them how to speak English.

5. Where does Rodriguez believe Spanish should be spoken?
(a) Everywhere.
(b) In the classroom.
(c) In public.
(d) In private, with family or close friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rodriguez has acknowledged that his relationship with his family changed as he became more educated. What does he say about how that affected his success?

2. As Rodriguez moves into college and graduate school, how does his relationship with his parents change?

3. How does Rodriguez feel when he observes the group of black teenagers on the bus?

4. How does Rodriguez's education affect his relationship with his parents?

5. What does Rodriguez wonder about his parents and his education?

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