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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Profession, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rodriguez believe English should be spoken?
(a) In private, with family or close friends.
(b) In the classroom.
(c) In public.
(d) Everywhere.

2. As Rodriguez and his siblings learn more English, what happens to their family?
(a) The parents depend on the children to do the talking in public.
(b) The family loses some of its closeness.
(c) The children start disobeying their parents.
(d) The family grows closer together.

3. According to Rodriguez's family, how are men supposed to be?
(a) Intelligent, kind, and good at providing for a family.
(b) Gentle, polite, and soft-spoken.
(c) Ruggedly handsome, strong in character, and responsible.
(d) Tough, aggressive, and bossy.

4. What is one thing that Rodriguez says happened to black students promoted through affirmative action?
(a) They were a great example for future generations of black students.
(b) They succeeded beyond anyone's expectations.
(c) Some of them failed because they did not have a strong educational background.
(d) They did not do any better than students who "earned" their way in.

5. In Complexion, Chapter 3, what does Rodriguez realize about education?
(a) It changes how people look at the world.
(b) It gives people a voice.
(c) It provides better job options.
(d) It is a waste of time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodriguez's teacher tell him about reading and complicated ideas?

2. Where does Rodriguez feel comfortable? Why?

3. How does Rodriguez see the scholarship boy?

4. According to Rodriguez, what is wrong with speaking a private language in public?

5. What does Rodriguez think about his ability to succeed with women?

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