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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Profession, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rodriguez feel comfortable? Why?
(a) At school, because they value his intelligence, not his complexion.
(b) With his friends, because they understand him.
(c) At home, because they love him no matter what he does.
(d) At church, because he believes God loves him in spite of his dark skin.

2. In Complexion, Chapter 2, what does Rodriguez do to try to change his skin color?
(a) Shave his arms.
(b) Scrub the color off.
(c) Take medication.
(d) Bleach his skin.

3. How does Rodriguez feel about his parents' English skills?
(a) He is afraid they will get in trouble because they do not speak English properly.
(b) He is troubled by their poor English skills.
(c) He thinks they do all right speaking a mix of Spanish and English.
(d) He wishes his mom would do all the talking.

4. According to Rodriguez's family, how are men supposed to be?
(a) Ruggedly handsome, strong in character, and responsible.
(b) Gentle, polite, and soft-spoken.
(c) Intelligent, kind, and good at providing for a family.
(d) Tough, aggressive, and bossy.

5. Does Rodriguez believe that not speaking English well has consequences for his parents?
(a) Yes, he thinks they got cheated out of money because of it.
(b) Yes, because they could not talk to the doctor if they were sick.
(c) No, because they always stayed in places where the other people spoke Spanish, too.
(d) No, he says they did all right in spite of the language problems.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do fellow students think of the scholarship boy?

2. According to Rodriguez, what do minority students need to succeed in college?

3. What is the Third World Student Movement?

4. Based on his conversation with his classmate, what does Rodriguez decide?

5. When Rodriguez applies for teaching jobs, what happens?

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