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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Achievement of Desire, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In The Achievement of Desire, Prologue, Rodriguez says that now that he is successful, people always ask him a certain question. What is it?
(a) Are your brothers and sisters as smart as you are?
(b) How did you manage your success?
(c) Can I have your autograph?
(d) Did you benefit from affirmative action?

2. According to Rodriguez, what is wrong with speaking a private language in public?
(a) It will eventually stop being a private language.
(b) It prevents people from learning the public language.
(c) It is embarrassing.
(d) Most people will not understand what is being said.

3. Does Rodriguez believe that not speaking English well has consequences for his parents?
(a) No, he says they did all right in spite of the language problems.
(b) Yes, he thinks they got cheated out of money because of it.
(c) No, because they always stayed in places where the other people spoke Spanish, too.
(d) Yes, because they could not talk to the doctor if they were sick.

4. How does Rodriguez feel when he observes the group of black teenagers on the bus?
(a) He is scared because they look tough.
(b) He envies their close bond.
(c) He is irritated because they are noisy.
(d) He wishes he could be their friend.

5. How well can Rodriguez speak English when he starts school?
(a) His English is very limited.
(b) He does not speak English at all.
(c) He speaks English pretty well.
(d) He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Short Answer Questions

1. As a child, how does Rodriguez feel about speaking English?

2. Where does Rodriguez believe English should be spoken?

3. When Rodriguez's mother becomes more fluent in English, she convinces her husband to buy _________. (fill in the blank)

4. How does Rodriguez feel about his parents' English skills?

5. What does Rodriguez say is the real reason for his success?

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