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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Complexion, Prologue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the scholarship boy use education?
(a) To make friends.
(b) To get a good job.
(c) To change himself.
(d) To make money.

2. Once the family has shifted to speaking English, how does Rodriguez feel when he hears families speaking Spanish?
(a) Rodriguez is pleased to know that Spanish is still being spoken in people's homes.
(b) Rodriguez is sad because it reminds him of the closeness his family lost.
(c) Rodriguez is frustrated because he thinks those families are making it harder for their children to learn English.
(d) Rodriguez is embarrassed because he thinks everyone should speak English.

3. As Rodriguez learns more English, what does he do about his parents' English skills?
(a) He tells them to be quiet and let him do the talking.
(b) He corrects their grammar.
(c) He gets angry at them for speaking Spanish.
(d) He teaches them how to speak English.

4. How does Rodriguez see the scholarship boy?
(a) As the teacher's puppet.
(b) As the future of the country.
(c) As the teacher's pet.
(d) As someone who is doomed to fail.

5. How does Rodriguez's father change as the family starts to speak English more?
(a) He complains about using English.
(b) He takes classes to learn English.
(c) He grows quieter because he is uncomfortable with English.
(d) He gets upset and insists that they speak to him in Spanish.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he was a child, what did his parents say he looked like?

2. When Rodriguez's mother becomes more fluent in English, she convinces her husband to buy _________. (fill in the blank)

3. What does Rodriguez say he gains because of learning to speak English?

4. As he gets older, what do people tell Rodriguez about his complexion?

5. Why is the picture of Christ with a punctured heart important?

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