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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Eustacia want to be in the play?
(a) She loves to act.
(b) So she may see Clym.
(c) It is her favorite play.
(d) She wants to be the center of attention.

2. What does Thomasin do upon hearing of this difficulty?
(a) She shrugs and walks home.
(b) She fights with Damon.
(c) She becomes very agitated and runs away.
(d) She celebrates.

3. What has happened to the reddleman's skin and clothing?
(a) It is covered in gun powder.
(b) It is covered in wood shavings.
(c) It has all taken on the same color.
(d) It smells of leather and polish.

4. For what does the boy ask in exchange?
(a) Fifty guineas.
(b) Clym's autograph.
(c) A chance to hold Eustacia's hand for a few minutes.
(d) A kiss.

5. Why are the locals going to Thomasin's later?
(a) To annoy the newlyweds.
(b) To offer a song to the newlyweds.
(c) To speak with her about her new husband.
(d) To have a party.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clym do one night while he and Eustacia are watching an eclipse?

2. Why do Eustacia and Wildeve argue?

3. What does Mrs. Yeobright give Christian?

4. Why does Diggory hide?

5. Why does Thomasin not want Mrs. Yeobright to tell Clym what has taken place?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Thomasin and Clym live in the same home but lead separate lives?

2. Why does Mrs. Yeobright not approve of Clym's relationship with Eustacia?

3. Why does Clym become a preacher?

4. Are these two still lovers?

5. Why does Thomasin want the wedding to go ahead under any circumstances?

6. How does Charley care for Eustacia?

7. What is Susan Nunsuch doing?

8. What does Eustacia do to see Clym?

9. What happens at the local outdoor dance?

10. Why does Clym never thank his mother for the inheritance money she sent him on his wedding day?

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