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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clym do with his new career?
(a) Manage the town.
(b) Move to Rome.
(c) Lecture about moral matters.
(d) Educate young children.

2. What do they both hear?
(a) A noise, like a lightning crash.
(b) A noise, like a gust of wind.
(c) A noise, like an owl crying in the night.
(d) A noise, as if somebody has fallen in the water in the dam.

3. What does Clym do when he stops studying?
(a) He works as a reddleman.
(b) He leaves Eustacia.
(c) He becomes a furze-cutter.
(d) He moves back to Paris.

4. How does Venn try to scare Damon?
(a) With threats.
(b) With scary stories.
(c) With noises.
(d) With spooky lights.

5. Where does Clym go?
(a) Towards Eustacia's home.
(b) Back to Paris.
(c) To his home.
(d) To Blooms-End.

6. How do Thomasin and Clym live their lives in Blooms-End?
(a) They become married.
(b) In mourning together.
(c) Happily together.
(d) Together but separate.

7. Why does Mrs. Yeobright get tired?
(a) She gets lost.
(b) It is an arduous walk.
(c) She is not healthy.
(d) It is hot outside.

8. Why is Clym unable to continue his studies temporarily?
(a) He does not have the money to buy more books.
(b) Eustacia is threatening to leave.
(c) He must find a job.
(d) The poor light he has been reading in is affecting his eyesight.

9. What is significant about the bonfire night?
(a) It is one year since the narrative started.
(b) Eustacia becomes a witch on bonfire nights.
(c) Bonfire nights are scary.
(d) Bonfire nights are part of the heath tradition.

10. What is happening to Eustacia?
(a) She is being trampled by a herd of cattle.
(b) She is drowning.
(c) She is falling off a cliff.
(d) She is running away.

11. What is Mrs. Yeobright resolved to do?
(a) Reconcile with her son and daughter-in-law.
(b) Tell her son how she feels.
(c) Tell Thomasin to leave Wildeve.
(d) Break up her son and Eustacia's marriage.

12. When are Eustacia and Wildeve's feeling rekindled?
(a) As they dance.
(b) While watching others dance.
(c) At the beverage table.
(d) On the walk home after the dance.

13. What does Mrs. Yeobright decide to do the next day?
(a) Go to Thomasin.
(b) Go to Diggory.
(c) Go to Clym.
(d) Go to Paris.

14. Who do Eustacia and Wildeve see as they walk back to the heath?
(a) Sam and Humphrey.
(b) Thomasin and Mrs. Yeobright.
(c) Susan and Johnny Nonsuch.
(d) Diggory Venn and Clym.

15. Who arrives at Blooms-End?
(a) Diggory.
(b) Eustacia.
(c) Wildeve.
(d) Thomasin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clym give of Eustacia's?

2. What does Thomasin see Diggory tenderly pick up?

3. For whom is Thomasin caretaking?

4. How is Eustacia feeling?

5. Who helps Thomasin to the inn?

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