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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Damon irritated?
(a) He wants to marry Eustacia.
(b) Mrs. Yeobright does not trust him with Thomasin's money.
(c) He wants to stop the wedding.
(d) He is annoyed with Christian.

2. Where does Christian stop on the way to the wedding?
(a) His home.
(b) Rainbarrow.
(c) The woods.
(d) The inn.

3. Why are the locals going to Thomasin's later?
(a) To have a party.
(b) To speak with her about her new husband.
(c) To annoy the newlyweds.
(d) To offer a song to the newlyweds.

4. What does Clym do one night while he and Eustacia are watching an eclipse?
(a) He tells her he is not returning to Paris.
(b) He tells her he is in love with Thomasin.
(c) He breaks up with her.
(d) He proposes to her.

5. What is a mummery?
(a) A place where nuns live.
(b) A traditional play performed around Christmas time.
(c) A room to sit in quietly and contemplate.
(d) A female mummy.

6. Why does Christian leave the inn in despair?
(a) Damon wins the money.
(b) He is lost.
(c) He is late to the wedding.
(d) He has lost the money in the creek.

7. Describe Damon and Thomasin's wedding.
(a) A small ceremony performed at home.
(b) The smallest of ceremonies with no attendant.
(c) A traditional ceremony with the town in attendance.
(d) A large ceremony with many brides maids.

8. What does Mrs. Yeobright tell Thomasin she will give her?
(a) A carriage.
(b) Her inheritance money.
(c) A new home.
(d) A job.

9. How is the location introduced?
(a) Very vaguely.
(b) As a beautiful tourist hideaway.
(c) As almost a character itself.
(d) As a small village in Italy.

10. What does Venn encourage Eustacia to do?
(a) Run away to Paris.
(b) Marry Wildeve.
(c) Urge Wildeve to follow through with his marriage promise.
(d) Tell Thomasin how awful Wildeve is.

11. Why is Eustacia at the wedding?
(a) She is Thomasin's maid of honor.
(b) To serve as a witness.
(c) She tries to stop the wedding.
(d) Supposedly by coincidence.

12. For what is Christian gambling?
(a) His life.
(b) A piece of cloth.
(c) Ownership of the inn.
(d) A piece of cake.

13. Why does Venn vow to protect Thomasin's reputation?
(a) He is in love with her.
(b) He is a kind man.
(c) He considers her a friend.
(d) He is embarrassed for her.

14. Why is Damon able to take advantage of Christian?
(a) Christian is encouraged by his good luck.
(b) Christian has poor luck.
(c) Christian is nervous.
(d) Damon is very intelligent.

15. What does hearing Clym's voice do to Eustacia?
(a) It make her anxious and nervous to meet Clym.
(b) It makes her doubt her love for him.
(c) It sets her off in a state of excitement based on her fantasy of him.
(d) It annoys her and makes her realize she loves Damon.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what is Mrs. Yeobright concerned?

2. What is the object of Eustacia's obsession?

3. What tale does Clym learn while visiting a friend?

4. What do others do when they recognize it is Eustacia?

5. Who is Christian Cantle?

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