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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is supervising the furze cutters' work?
(a) Diggory Venn.
(b) Captain Vye.
(c) Eustacia Vye.
(d) Damon Wildeve.

2. How does Mrs. Yeobright feel about Clym's relationship with Eustacia?
(a) She wonders about Clym's motives.
(b) She is unsure about Eustacia.
(c) She does not approve.
(d) She is very happy for them.

3. Why is Thomasin having a difficult time?
(a) She does not like Eustacia.
(b) Her husband will not give her any spending money.
(c) She does not love her husband.
(d) She worries about Clym.

4. What is Eustacia doing?
(a) Looking through a telescope in the direction of the inn.
(b) Plowing the field.
(c) Visiting her uncle.
(d) Packing for a move to Paris.

5. What tale does Clym learn while visiting a friend?
(a) Thomasin is secretly in love with Diggory.
(b) Thomasin has taken his money.
(c) Thomasin has married Damon.
(d) His cousin, Thomasin, is jilted on her wedding day.

6. What is a reddleman?
(a) A man who makes revolvers.
(b) A man who sells red dye to farmers.
(c) A saddle maker.
(d) A boat maker.

7. What has happened to the reddleman's skin and clothing?
(a) It smells of leather and polish.
(b) It is covered in gun powder.
(c) It is covered in wood shavings.
(d) It has all taken on the same color.

8. What does Eustacia think of Edgon Heath?
(a) She does not like it.
(b) She loves it.
(c) It is home.
(d) It is cute and quaint.

9. What are the contents of the letter Eustacia has Diggory deliver to Damon?
(a) She wants to marry him.
(b) She hopes that even when he is married, he will secretly meet her.
(c) She hates Damon and hopes he marries Thomasin.
(d) She is no longer willing to continue their secret meetings.

10. How does Thomasin act kindly toward Venn?
(a) She visits frequently and brings fresh biscuits and jam.
(b) She tutors him while they in school and stands up for him when he is teased.
(c) She turns down his marriage proposal in a kind letter, trying not to hurt his feelings.
(d) She accepts his marriage proposal, although she does not love him.

11. Why is Clym deeply resolved to do something significant on his own terms?
(a) He is not fully enjoying his life.
(b) He has never done anything of significance before.
(c) He loves working in Paris.
(d) His mother has always made all his decisions.

12. Who is Christian Cantle?
(a) A groomsman at the wedding.
(b) Thomasin's cousin.
(c) A rather dim boy.
(d) The pastor.

13. Why does Eustacia constantly go out on walks?
(a) She loves to exercise.
(b) She enjoys being outdoors.
(c) She hopes to run into Thomasin.
(d) To try to run into Clym.

14. What does Venn encourage Eustacia to do?
(a) Tell Thomasin how awful Wildeve is.
(b) Marry Wildeve.
(c) Run away to Paris.
(d) Urge Wildeve to follow through with his marriage promise.

15. What is furze cutting?
(a) Trimming the tops of fir trees.
(b) Skipping school or class.
(c) Cutting sheep's wool.
(d) Cutting a rough, grassy shrub.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what is Christian gambling?

2. Where does Clym want to move when he becomes a teacher?

3. Why does the marriage not take place?

4. What is the boy with Eustacia doing?

5. Why is little Johnny afraid of Diggory Venn?

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