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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Describe Damon and Thomasin's wedding.
(a) A traditional ceremony with the town in attendance.
(b) The smallest of ceremonies with no attendant.
(c) A small ceremony performed at home.
(d) A large ceremony with many brides maids.

2. Why is this expected of him?
(a) He is not intelligent.
(b) His mother wants grandchildren.
(c) Everyone settles down at Egdon Heath.
(d) His physical beauty and many advantages in life.

3. Why does Eustacia temporarily lose interest in Wildeve?
(a) He is not leaving the heath.
(b) He is unattractive.
(c) She views him as someone else's second best.
(d) He is in love with Thomasin.

4. Where does Christian stop on the way to the wedding?
(a) The inn.
(b) The woods.
(c) His home.
(d) Rainbarrow.

5. How does Thomasin act kindly toward Venn?
(a) She accepts his marriage proposal, although she does not love him.
(b) She turns down his marriage proposal in a kind letter, trying not to hurt his feelings.
(c) She visits frequently and brings fresh biscuits and jam.
(d) She tutors him while they in school and stands up for him when he is teased.

6. Why does Eustacia want to be in the play?
(a) So she may see Clym.
(b) It is her favorite play.
(c) She wants to be the center of attention.
(d) She loves to act.

7. What is the object of Eustacia's obsession?
(a) Diggory.
(b) Damon.
(c) Herself.
(d) Clym.

8. Why does Christian leave the inn in despair?
(a) Damon wins the money.
(b) He is late to the wedding.
(c) He is lost.
(d) He has lost the money in the creek.

9. What does Mrs. Yeobright keep from Thomasin?
(a) Thomasin will be marrying Venn in two days.
(b) She is allowing Damon to marry Thomasin for her money.
(c) Wildeve has proposed to Eustacia.
(d) The suitor is Diggory.

10. What do Sam and Humphrey say about Clym?
(a) He is rude, unkind, and egotistical.
(b) They hope he will stay in the heath for awhile and teach them French.
(c) He is the best furze-cutter they know.
(d) They mention his work, his ability to speak French, and the glamorous life he leads in Paris.

11. What is Wildeve's supposed oversight?
(a) The new priest performing the ceremony.
(b) The different location of the marriage license.
(c) The loss of the rings for the marriage.
(d) The lack of Mrs. Yeobright's approval.

12. Why does Thomasin not want Mrs. Yeobright to tell Clym what has taken place?
(a) Thomasin wants Damon to speak with Clym.
(b) Thomasin does not want Clym to ever know.
(c) Thomasin wants to talk to Clym herself.
(d) Thomasin wants to marry Clym.

13. What happens when Eustacia's parents die when she is a little girl?
(a) She is left in an orphanage.
(b) She is left in the care of the Yeobrights.
(c) She is left in the care of her grandfather.
(d) She is left to raise herself.

14. Why does Clym want to meet Eustacia?
(a) She seems unique.
(b) He has loved her since grade school.
(c) He is intrigued by the mention of her beauty.
(d) He is angry with her about her treatment of Thomasin.

15. What is to have taken place that day?
(a) A funeral.
(b) A swimning event.
(c) A wedding.
(d) An induction ceremony.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rainbarrow?

2. Who is supervising the furze cutters' work?

3. Why does Wildeve say he cannot attend Eustacia's wedding?

4. Why does the marriage not take place?

5. Why does Mrs. Yeobright say Clym is no longer allowed in her house?

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