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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Yeobright tell Olly Dowden as they walk?
(a) She is buying a new home.
(b) She still does not approve of the marriage.
(c) She is not sure when Clym will return.
(d) She changed her mind about her resistance to the marriage and gave her consent.

2. What does hearing Clym's voice do to Eustacia?
(a) It makes her doubt her love for him.
(b) It annoys her and makes her realize she loves Damon.
(c) It make her anxious and nervous to meet Clym.
(d) It sets her off in a state of excitement based on her fantasy of him.

3. Why does Eustacia constantly go out on walks?
(a) To try to run into Clym.
(b) She enjoys being outdoors.
(c) She hopes to run into Thomasin.
(d) She loves to exercise.

4. Why does the marriage not take place?
(a) Thomasin decides she does not want to marry Damon.
(b) They get lost on the way to the chapel.
(c) There is a difficulty with the marriage license.
(d) Mrs. Yeobright does not allow Thomasin to marry.

5. What tale does Clym learn while visiting a friend?
(a) Thomasin is secretly in love with Diggory.
(b) Thomasin has taken his money.
(c) Thomasin has married Damon.
(d) His cousin, Thomasin, is jilted on her wedding day.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is supervising the furze cutters' work?

2. What does Eustacia notice about Clym?

3. About what is Mrs. Yeobright concerned?

4. Why is little Johnny afraid of Diggory Venn?

5. At what will a group of local boys perform a play?

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