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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eustacia notice about Clym?
(a) He is smiling and energetic.
(b) He is noticing her.
(c) He is not as attractive as she remembered.
(d) He is handsome, but something about him is not entirely at ease.

2. Why does Clym want to meet Eustacia?
(a) He has loved her since grade school.
(b) She seems unique.
(c) He is angry with her about her treatment of Thomasin.
(d) He is intrigued by the mention of her beauty.

3. What does Mrs. Yeobright refuse to do?
(a) Allow Clym to move out of her home.
(b) Allow Clym to marry.
(c) Accept that Thomasin will be attending the wedding.
(d) Attend Clym and Eustacia's wedding.

4. What do Sam and Humphrey say about Clym?
(a) He is rude, unkind, and egotistical.
(b) They mention his work, his ability to speak French, and the glamorous life he leads in Paris.
(c) He is the best furze-cutter they know.
(d) They hope he will stay in the heath for awhile and teach them French.

5. How does Mrs. Yeobright offend Eustacia.
(a) She tells her she is an awful cook.
(b) She believes Eustacia has a new lover.
(c) She tells her she is a poor excuse for a wife.
(d) She believes Eustacia has Clym's money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Eustacia and Wildeve argue?

2. Why is little Johnny afraid of Diggory Venn?

3. What do others do when they recognize it is Eustacia?

4. How does Venn try to scare Damon?

5. Why does Wildeve say he cannot attend Eustacia's wedding?

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