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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Yeobright reveal to Thomasin?
(a) She has mentioned to Wildeve that there is another suitor.
(b) Diggory Venn wants to marry her.
(c) Wildeve is in love with Eustacia.
(d) Wildeve wants to marry her for her money.

2. To what is Eustacia referring when she says Damon is not a "great" enough man?
(a) For whom to break her vows.
(b) As Thomasin's husband.
(c) He is unkind and untrustworthy.
(d) He is not wealthy enough for her.

3. What does Eustacia convince a local boy to do?
(a) Lend her his disguise.
(b) Sit by her at the play.
(c) Tell Clym she is available.
(d) Hold her hand.

4. How does Eustacia tell Damon she is ready to leave?
(a) She is gives him the signal.
(b) She calls him.
(c) She goes to meet him at the inn.
(d) She cries out to him.

5. What does Thomasin name her baby girl?
(a) Eustacia Mae.
(b) Damonia Thomasin.
(c) Clymeria Eustacia.
(d) Eustacia Clementine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sam and Humphrey say about Clym?

2. Why are Wildeve's passions for Eustacia renewed?

3. Why does Damon say he is confused?

4. What does Damon do when Thomasin questions him about his whereabouts?

5. Why is Clym deeply resolved to do something significant on his own terms?

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