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This is the largest barrow on the heath.


This is the fashionable seaport city from which Eustacia hails.


Eustacia longs to escape the heath and settle here.


Mrs. Yeobright's home is located here.

Mistover Knap

Captain Vye's home is located here.

Quiet Woman Inn

Wildeve is the owner of this establishment, and the heath-folk gather here many times.

Shadwater Weir

This is the dam in the pool of water where Eustacia falls and drowns.

Mrs. Yeobright's money

Mrs. Yeobright does not trust Wildeve to pick up Thomasin's share of this and instead sends both Clym's and Thomasin's shares by a heath-boy.

Wax effigy of Eustacia

Susan Nunsuch, believing Eustacia has caused her son's illness, responds by making this.

Wildeve's bank-notes

Wildeve inherits this from a relative. After Wildeve's death, Thomasin inherits this.

Thomasin's glove

Thomasin's nurse loses this at the May-revel.

Eustacia's hair


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