The Return of the Native Character Descriptions

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Christian Cantle - This character is a shy, ineffectual person, nervous around women.

Grandfer Cantle - This character represents the lively spirit of the simple country people. At almost seventy, he is eager to dance, sing, joke, and tell exaggerated stories.

Charley - This character is a local man who cares for Eustacia who he makes a fire for and feeds her.

Olly Dowden - A local person, this character is a besom maker.

Humphrey - This character is a furze-cutter.

Johnny Nunsuch - This character is a young boy who lives near Captain Vye's house. Eustacia pays him to tend the bonfire that she uses to signal Wildeve.

Susan Nunsuch - This character is superstitious, who believes Eustacia is a witch.

Diggory Venn - This character is a local man that has been in love with Thomasin since childhood and is called the reddleman.

Captain Vye...

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