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Short Answer Questions

1. What question does Stevens ponder as he drives?

2. What does Mr. Stevens consider critical to his work?

3. How can Stevens' personality be described?

4. How long has Miss Kenton been gone?

5. Where does Stevens go for help?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Miss Kenton's assertive behavior make Stevens uncomfortable when she enters the butler's pantry one night?

2. Why does Stevens evade the question about being employed by Lord Darlington at one time?

3. What are Stevens' continuing thoughts on what makes a great butler?

4. How is the staffing situation at Darlington Hall different from the time Miss Kenton had worked there?

5. Describe Miss Kenton's situation.

6. How has Stevens' road trip been both beneficial and uncomfortable for him?

7. Describe the role that integrity and contributions to society contribute toward making a household a great one.

8. In addition to his mental state, the pond scene also symbolizes Stevens' life as a whole. Explain.

9. Explain Stevens' personal complications during the time of the conference.

10. Why is the meeting between Stevens and Miss Kenton so poignant?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe the unspoken attraction between Stevens and Miss Kenton. How does Miss Kenton try to get to know Stevens on a more personal level? Is she successful? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

When Stevens runs out of gas, he spends the night in a small town where the people think he is some sort of dignitary. Why does Stevens not speak up and amend their views? Does Stevens want the people to think he is important? Or does he just not want to engage in any way with personal dialogue with strangers? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Explain Stevens' emotionally repressed behavior. Why do you think he behaves the way he does? Why does Stevens maintain a cool reserve even in his personal life? Does Stevens even have a personal life?

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