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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Kenton reveal to Stevens?
(a) She had an abortion while at Darlington Hall
(b) She stole silverware before she left Darlington Hall
(c) She wondered how her life might have been if she and Stevens had shared a life
(d) She could never stand Lord Darlington

2. How long will it be before Stevens will once again see Miss Kenton?
(a) 24 hours
(b) 3 days
(c) 1 week
(d) 48 hours

3. How does Stevens react to Lisa's actions?
(a) Threatens to not give her a positive reference
(b) Derides Miss Kenton for making a poor hiring decision
(c) Tells Miss Kenton that he knew this would happen
(d) Tells Miss Kenton that she had worked wonders with Lisa

4. Who must inform Stevens inform of Lord Darlington's decision?
(a) The kitchen staff
(b) The upstairs staff
(c) Miss Kenton
(d) The maids

5. What does Stevens decide about the answer to #113?
(a) It is best not to speculate
(b) Stop at the next gas station
(c) Find silver polish at a lower price
(d) Buy a new umbrella in the next town

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the mood of their parting?

2. Why does Stevens chide Miss Kenton periodically?

3. How is Mr. Farraday different from Lord Darlington?

4. What does Stevens try to get Miss Kenton to understand?

5. What items seem to symbolize Stevens' recollection of the past?

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