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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Stevens go to Miss Kenton's room?
(a) To tell her that Lord Darlington's godson needs a room for the night
(b) To get the menus for an upcoming event
(c) To take Miss Kenton some hot chocolate
(d) To give Miss Kenton some news about a maid

2. Stevens mentions that some of Miss Kenton's letters in the past indicated that _________________________________.
(a) she was unhappy in her marriage
(b) she was in love with Lord Darlington
(c) she was in love with Stevens
(d) she never went through with the marriage

3. What had the people in town thought Stevens to be?
(a) A dignitary
(b) A lawyer
(c) A professor
(d) A minister

4. In days past, what would indicate the greatness of a household?
(a) The sheen on the silver
(b) The quality of the food
(c) The maintenance of the grounds
(d) The number of parties held

5. What is the town where Miss Kenton lives?
(a) Lancaschire
(b) Little Compton
(c) Liverpool
(d) Leicester

Short Answer Questions

1. What sign does Stevens see?

2. What does Miss Kenton reveal to Stevens?

3. What else does Stevens recall about the ambassador's visit?

4. How long will it be before Stevens will once again see Miss Kenton?

5. Stevens adamantly denies that Lord Darlington had __________________________.

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