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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Stevens when he sees the sign?
(a) Haberdashery
(b) Tearoom
(c) Library
(d) Driving

2. What does the doctor ask Stevens' for his view on?
(a) Agriculture
(b) Socialism
(c) Politics
(d) Dignity

3. What good news does Miss Kenton have about her daughter?
(a) She just graduated college
(b) She is expecting a child
(c) She has just received her law degree
(d) She is engaged to be married

4. What does Stevens tell Miss Kenton that shocks her?
(a) Stevens is leaving Darlington Hall
(b) He had also been upset about the dismissal of the Jewish girls
(c) Miss Kenton has been dismissed
(d) He has been in love with her for quite awhile

5. Why does Stevens go to Miss Kenton's room?
(a) To take Miss Kenton some hot chocolate
(b) To tell her that Lord Darlington's godson needs a room for the night
(c) To get the menus for an upcoming event
(d) To give Miss Kenton some news about a maid

6. What does Stevens not allow himself to do regarding Lord Darlington?
(a) Drink any of the fine brandy
(b) Speak to him directly
(c) Entertain the idea that he was involved in horrific political events
(d) Ask for a vacation

7. What is Stevens' demeanor regarding Lord Darlington?
(a) Lack of confidence
(b) Staunch support
(c) Questioning
(d) Gossiping

8. Stevens adamantly denies that Lord Darlington had __________________________.
(a) a gambling problem
(b) an extramarital affair
(c) anti-Semite tendencies
(d) AIDS

9. What does Stevens do as he waits for Miss Kenton?
(a) Talks with some tourists
(b) Does a crossword puzzle
(c) Reads the paper
(d) Sips tea and watches the rain

10. Who must inform Stevens inform of Lord Darlington's decision?
(a) Miss Kenton
(b) The maids
(c) The kitchen staff
(d) The upstairs staff

11. What do Stevens and Miss Kenton do each evening?
(a) Listen to the radio
(b) Meet to discuss the household
(c) Read
(d) Play bridge

12. On what topic does Miss Kenton chide Stevens?
(a) The lackluster silver
(b) His new smoking jacket
(c) The errors of the wait staff
(d) The new maid, Lisa

13. The previous day, Stevens had been picked up by a doctor who brings ____________________.
(a) a picnic lunch
(b) a map
(c) fuel for Stevens' car
(d) his bag

14. What does Lord Darlington's godson try to get Stevens to admit?
(a) Who Lord Darlington's guests are
(b) If he has ever been married
(c) How much brandy Lord Darlington drinks every night
(d) Who the cute downstairs maid is

15. What changed the ambassador's demeanor?
(a) Liquor
(b) The excellence of the silver
(c) Fine cigars
(d) A fine meal

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Kenton tell Stevens before she leaves for the evening?

2. What does Miss Kenton reveal to Stevens?

3. How long did Stevens and Miss Kenton meet?

4. What beverage do Stevens and Miss Kenton enjoy each evening?

5. Who is the maid that Miss Kenton hires despite Stevens' misgivings?

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