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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Miss Kenton not left Darlington Hall?
(a) She has promised Lord Darlington she will stay
(b) She has not saved enough money yet
(c) She is on a long-term contract
(d) She has nowhere else to go

2. What can the doctor tell about Stevens by his demeanor?
(a) He is a manservant
(b) He is apprehensive
(c) He is from Scotland
(d) He is an educated man

3. What has Lord Darlington asked Stevens to do?
(a) Arrange a birthday celebration for a friend
(b) Find the Jewish girls and give them some compensation
(c) Pick up a gift at the jeweler's
(d) Terminate Miss Kenton

4. What items seem to symbolize Stevens' recollection of the past?
(a) The polished silver
(b) The trained staff
(c) The flower arrangements
(d) The fleet of vehicles

5. The previous day, Stevens had been picked up by a doctor who brings ____________________.
(a) a map
(b) his bag
(c) fuel for Stevens' car
(d) a picnic lunch

6. On what topic does Miss Kenton chide Stevens?
(a) The lackluster silver
(b) The errors of the wait staff
(c) The new maid, Lisa
(d) His new smoking jacket

7. What else does Stevens recall about the ambassador's visit?
(a) Many people wanted to be dinner guests with him
(b) He would sleep past noon
(c) He was demanding about his clothing
(d) He wanted cognanc and cigars in his room each night

8. Why does Stevens begin to doubt that Miss Kenton will show up?
(a) Miss Kenton has probably changed her mind
(b) He did not receive a return letter from her
(c) Miss Kenton never really liked him
(d) He is late and she probably won't return

9. What event does Stevens recall as he waits for Miss Kenton?
(a) His first day of work at Darlington Hall
(b) The night that Lord Darlington's godson arrived unexpectedly
(c) The dismissal of more Jewish girls
(d) The death of his father

10. How long will it be before Stevens will once again see Miss Kenton?
(a) 24 hours
(b) 48 hours
(c) 1 week
(d) 3 days

11. What does Lisa leave for Miss Kenton?
(a) A note
(b) A pen
(c) A bouquet
(d) A book

12. What does Miss Kenton report upon returning to Darlington Hall that evening?
(a) That a storm is brewing
(b) That her purse was stolen in town
(c) That she has accepted a marriage proposal and will be leaving
(d) That she witnessed an accident in town

13. How does Stevens react to Miss Kenton's news?
(a) He walks away from her
(b) He goes silent
(c) He professionally congratulates her
(d) He launches into hysterics

14. Where does Stevens have tea?
(a) The Rose Garden Hotel
(b) The Bradford Hotel
(c) The Regent Room
(d) The Embassy Room

15. What did some of the dinner guests later say about Lord Darlington?
(a) He hosted Nazis
(b) He abused the staff
(c) He had many affairs
(d) He lost his fortune

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Mr. Farraday different from Lord Darlington?

2. How does Stevens react to the revelation?

3. What does Stevens tell Miss Kenton about Lord Darlington?

4. What beverage do Stevens and Miss Kenton enjoy each evening?

5. What does Stevens do as he waits for Miss Kenton?

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