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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the doctor ask Stevens' for his view on?
(a) Politics
(b) Socialism
(c) Dignity
(d) Agriculture

2. Who is the maid that Miss Kenton hires despite Stevens' misgivings?
(a) Lisa
(b) Linda
(c) Lydia
(d) Lynette

3. What does Miss Kenton reveal to Stevens?
(a) She wondered how her life might have been if she and Stevens had shared a life
(b) She could never stand Lord Darlington
(c) She had an abortion while at Darlington Hall
(d) She stole silverware before she left Darlington Hall

4. Who was Lord Darlington's girlfriend?
(a) Princess Margaret
(b) Marlene Dietrich
(c) Miss Kenton
(d) Carolyn Barnet

5. What has Lord Darlington asked Stevens to do?
(a) Find the Jewish girls and give them some compensation
(b) Terminate Miss Kenton
(c) Arrange a birthday celebration for a friend
(d) Pick up a gift at the jeweler's

6. What does Stevens secretly think about Lord Darlington?
(a) He may have been involved in Nazi activities
(b) He is gay
(c) He is very ill
(d) He is cheap

7. What does Stevens do as he waits for Miss Kenton?
(a) Talks with some tourists
(b) Sips tea and watches the rain
(c) Reads the paper
(d) Does a crossword puzzle

8. Why does Stevens chide Miss Kenton periodically?
(a) Because she has a new hairstyle
(b) Because she did not resign as she threatened
(c) Because she is in love
(d) Because she has a secret admirer

9. What does Stevens try to get Miss Kenton to understand?
(a) Personal feelings have no place in the running of the household
(b) The butlers are within his domain, not hers
(c) The maids are wearing their uniforms too short
(d) Her household budgets are exceeding their limits

10. How long will it be before Stevens will once again see Miss Kenton?
(a) 1 week
(b) 3 days
(c) 48 hours
(d) 24 hours

11. What is Miss Kenton doing when Stevens finds her in the summerhouse?
(a) Gardening
(b) Reading
(c) Painting
(d) Needlework

12. What does Stevens not allow himself to do regarding Lord Darlington?
(a) Ask for a vacation
(b) Drink any of the fine brandy
(c) Speak to him directly
(d) Entertain the idea that he was involved in horrific political events

13. What did some of the dinner guests later say about Lord Darlington?
(a) He had many affairs
(b) He lost his fortune
(c) He hosted Nazis
(d) He abused the staff

14. How does Stevens react to Miss Kenton's news?
(a) His hopes are dashed
(b) He walks away in silence
(c) He does not react at all
(d) He pushes her to change her mind

15. What event does Stevens recall as he waits for Miss Kenton?
(a) The dismissal of more Jewish girls
(b) His first day of work at Darlington Hall
(c) The night that Lord Darlington's godson arrived unexpectedly
(d) The death of his father

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Stevens talk to on the pier?

2. Who is Lord Darlington's godson?

3. What is Stevens doing in Day 6, Evening?

4. How do Stevens and Miss Kenton part?

5. What topic does Stevens bring up with Miss Kenton in the summerhouse?

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