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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What quality does Stevens thinks makes a good butler?
(a) Humility
(b) Dignity
(c) Fastidiousness
(d) Discretion

2. How does Stevens recall the time of the conference?
(a) With relief that it is over
(b) With pride for persevering personally and professionally
(c) Something that he hopes will not be repeated
(d) One of the worst times of his life

3. When did Lord Darlington host a conference of important men from around the world?
(a) April 1923
(b) May 1925
(c) March 1923
(d) March 1939

4. What was the number of staff employed at Darlington Hall 20 years ago?
(a) 4
(b) 10
(c) 18
(d) 15

5. What is Mr. Stevens' profession?
(a) Farmer
(b) Butler
(c) Lawyer
(d) Surgeon

6. In what does Mr. Faraday want to invest for Darlington Hall?
(a) An antique clock
(b) Permanent staff
(c) Staff uniforms
(d) New china

7. How long has Mr. Stevens been employed in this position?
(a) 30 years
(b) 25 years
(c) 3 years
(d) 20 years

8. What is Stevens able to do in his position of head butler at the conference?
(a) Arranges for evening entertainment
(b) Control who sleeps in the different rooms
(c) Garners information from all the dignitaries
(d) Have some brandy with the men after the meeting ends

9. What had Stevens said about employment by Lord Darlington when asked by a guest of Mr. Farraday's?
(a) He is glad it is over
(b) He loved it
(c) He denied it
(d) He hated it

10. Why has Stevens missed out on a normal life?
(a) He does not drive
(b) He is too shy to get married
(c) He is devoted to his job
(d) He does not like meeting new people

11. What is the state of the relationship between Mr. Stevens and Mr. Faraday?
(a) Strained
(b) Antagonistic
(c) Fond
(d) Comfortable

12. Under whom did Stevens train as a butler?
(a) His grandfather
(b) A professional services organization
(c) The Queen's butler
(d) His own father

13. Where has Mr. Stevens been employed for many years?
(a) Darlington Hall
(b) British Secret Service
(c) Scotland Yard
(d) Parliament

14. What book does Mr. Stevens consult before leaving on his trip?
(a) The Back Roads of England
(b) God's Country
(c) The Wonder of England
(d) Visit the British Isles

15. What is the subject of Miss Kenton's letter?
(a) She is moving to the United States
(b) She has a terminal illness
(c) She is starting a restaurant
(d) She is recently divorced with no future plans

Short Answer Questions

1. Stevens' behavior indicates that he is haunted by ______________________.

2. What nationality is Mr. Faraday?

3. How long has Miss Kenton been gone?

4. What question does Stevens ponder as he drives?

5. What is the current number of staff at Darlington Hall?

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