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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day 6, Evening.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the subject of Miss Kenton's letter?
(a) She is recently divorced with no future plans
(b) She is moving to the United States
(c) She has a terminal illness
(d) She is starting a restaurant

2. Stevens believes that the rungs of a social ladder have been replaced by __________.
(a) a cart
(b) a step stool
(c) stepping stones
(d) a wheel

3. What is Lord Darlington's hope for the conference?
(a) That it will start on time
(b) Develop a coalition to provide aid to Germany
(c) That it will be the last one he has to host
(d) That everyone will have a good time

4. Why does Stevens awaken early?
(a) Unfamiliar surroundings
(b) A rooster crowed
(c) A faulty alarm clock
(d) A noisy neighbor

5. What do Stevens and Miss Kenton do each evening?
(a) Play bridge
(b) Meet to discuss the household
(c) Read
(d) Listen to the radio

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Stevens said about employment by Lord Darlington when asked by a guest of Mr. Farraday's?

2. What does Stevens do as he waits for Miss Kenton?

3. What does Stevens tell his father after the accident?

4. Mr. Farraday's comment makes Mr. Stevens feel __________________.

5. How does the answer to #125 react?

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