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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day 2, Afternoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stevens' behavior indicates that he is haunted by ______________________.
(a) some ethical situation
(b) feelings for his father
(c) a lost love
(d) ghosts in the mansion

2. What does Stevens fear will belie his true feelings about Lord Darlington?
(a) Melancholy musings
(b) Little white lies
(c) Reverie
(d) Stories

3. What has been the nature of Mr. Stevens' trips?
(a) Outings for professional duties
(b) Family vacations
(c) Family holidays
(d) Annual vacations

4. Mr. Stevens is not comfortable with American ________________.
(a) customs
(b) sensibilities
(c) literature
(d) food

5. In what country does Mr. Stevens life?
(a) France
(b) United States
(c) England
(d) Germany

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Stevens go to admire some natural beauty?

2. What is Stevens able to do in his position of head butler at the conference?

3. How long has Mr. Stevens been employed in this position?

4. Stevens does not want people to get the idea that he is ___________________ about working for Lord Darlington.

5. What does Stevens answer when asked if he had ever worked for Lord Darlington?

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