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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day Four, Afternoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Stevens missed out on a normal life?
(a) He is devoted to his job
(b) He does not like meeting new people
(c) He does not drive
(d) He is too shy to get married

2. The doctor had believed in ________________ until he had met the people of his town.
(a) fascism
(b) communism
(c) democracy
(d) socialism

3. According to Stevens, what is another characteristic of a great butler?
(a) Being able to stand for a long time
(b) Having good posture
(c) Knowing proper etiquette
(d) Serving in a great household

4. Who must inform Stevens inform of Lord Darlington's decision?
(a) The maids
(b) The upstairs staff
(c) The kitchen staff
(d) Miss Kenton

5. What does Miss Kenton report upon returning to Darlington Hall that evening?
(a) That a storm is brewing
(b) That her purse was stolen in town
(c) That she witnessed an accident in town
(d) That she has accepted a marriage proposal and will be leaving

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stevens begin to doubt that Miss Kenton will show up?

2. What does Mr. Stevens consider critical to his work?

3. What does Stevens tell Miss Kenton about Lord Darlington?

4. The Prologue is written about what time?

5. Stevens does not want people to get the idea that he is ___________________ about working for Lord Darlington.

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