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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day Four, Afternoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Stevens' father's profession?
(a) Professor
(b) Farmer
(c) Butler
(d) Doctor

2. What incident does Stevens recall?
(a) Miss Kenton takes a leave of absence
(b) The elder Mr. Stevens gets cancer
(c) Lord Darlington gets a serious disease
(d) Two maids are dismissed because they are Jewish

3. Lord Darlington had withdrawn from what group?
(a) British Union of Fascists
(b) Nazi party
(c) Communist party
(d) Toastmasters

4. What does Lord Darlington's godson try to get Stevens to admit?
(a) If he has ever been married
(b) How much brandy Lord Darlington drinks every night
(c) Who the cute downstairs maid is
(d) Who Lord Darlington's guests are

5. What town does Stevens explore in the morning?
(a) Taunton
(b) Liverpool
(c) Glasgow
(d) London

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stevens try to get Miss Kenton to understand?

2. What does Stevens consider it to be to talk about a former employer?

3. Where has Mr. Stevens been employed for many years?

4. What is Miss Kenton doing when Stevens finds her in the summerhouse?

5. The Prologue is written about what time?

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