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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day Four, Afternoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stevens realizes that he is ______________ when asked about employment with Lord Darlington.
(a) forthright
(b) secretive
(c) talkative
(d) evasive

2. What is Miss Kenton doing when Stevens finds her in the summerhouse?
(a) Reading
(b) Needlework
(c) Gardening
(d) Painting

3. Voicing his comparisons of himself to other butlers would be ____________.
(a) vulgar
(b) timely
(c) funny
(d) inappropriate

4. The old man tells Stevens that it may be his last chance to ___________________________.
(a) travel on this road
(b) eat at his restaurant
(c) sleep at his inn
(d) take in such a spectacular view

5. What is the state of Miss Kenton's marriage?
(a) She is a newlywed
(b) It is stable
(c) It is failing
(d) It has just ended

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of night does Stevens spend at the inn?

2. What sign does Stevens see?

3. What did Mr. Stevens receive from Miss Kenton?

4. To what does Stevens compare himself?

5. What is the Treaty of Versailles

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