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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day 2, Morning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Miss Kenton?
(a) A chef at Darlington Hall
(b) A former housekeeper at Darlington Hall
(c) Mr. Faraday's assistant
(d) Mr. Stevens' sister

2. What is the state of the relationship between Mr. Stevens and Mr. Faraday?
(a) Comfortable
(b) Strained
(c) Antagonistic
(d) Fond

3. According to Stevens, a butler must have ________________________ as well as a working knowledge on a number of subjects.
(a) a driver's license
(b) new clothes
(c) strong faith
(d) a command of the language

4. What does this road trip supply for Stevens?
(a) Time alone to ponder and reminisce
(b) A shopping excursion
(c) A well-deserved vacation
(d) A chance to meet new vendors

5. Why does Stevens awaken early?
(a) A rooster crowed
(b) Unfamiliar surroundings
(c) A noisy neighbor
(d) A faulty alarm clock

Short Answer Questions

1. How can Stevens' personality be described?

2. What does Stevens tell his father after the accident?

3. To what does Stevens compare himself?

4. How does the encounter with the old man at the forest symbolize Stevens' personality?

5. What had Miss Kenton brought to Stevens' office at Darlington Hall one day?

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