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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day 3, Evening.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stevens watches some people who are doing what?
(a) Picnicking
(b) Fishing
(c) Skating
(d) Swimming

2. According to Stevens, what is another characteristic of a great butler?
(a) Serving in a great household
(b) Having good posture
(c) Knowing proper etiquette
(d) Being able to stand for a long time

3. Under whom did Stevens train as a butler?
(a) His own father
(b) His grandfather
(c) The Queen's butler
(d) A professional services organization

4. What does Stevens consider the comments people still make about Lord Darlington?
(a) Foolish
(b) Appropriate
(c) Rude
(d) Introspective

5. Where does Stevens go to admire some natural beauty?
(a) A woods
(b) A meadow
(c) A hilltop
(d) A nearby pond

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the maid that Miss Kenton hires despite Stevens' misgivings?

2. What does Lisa leave for Miss Kenton?

3. How does the encounter with the old man at the forest symbolize Stevens' personality?

4. What decision was Lord Darlington's girlfriend behind?

5. When Mr. Stevens encounters an old man on the road, what does the old man say?

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