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Prologue, July 1956

• The novel is the story of an aging butler named Mr. Stevens.

• Stevens spent all his professional life in the employ of Lord Darlington at Darlington Hall.

• Stevens' employer now is the current owner of Darlington Hall, Mr. Farraday, an American.

• Stevens is about to embark on a road trip to meet Miss Kenton, a former head of housekeeping at Darlington Hall.

• Miss Kenton has been gone for 20 years but a recent letter from her makes Stevens believe that she is interested in returning to her former position

Day 1, Evening

• While on the road, Stevens stops to take in a beautiful view and an old man beckons him further up the hill to see how spectacular it is.

• While he drives, Stevens ponders the qualities that make a good butler.

• Stevens' father was also a butler and the days of service then did not require all...

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