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Chapter 1

1. Sontag mentions many factors which influence the way audiences receive war photography. Which of the following was NOT one of those factors?
(a) Age.
(b) Gender.
(c) Status.
(d) Culture.

2. In discussing the difference gender makes in perceptions of war, Sontag agrees with which of the following authors?
(a) Henry James.
(b) Tyler Hicks.
(c) Virginia Woolf.
(d) Joyce Carol Oates.

3. Which Virginia Woolf book does Sontag discuss in detail?
(a) Mrs. Dalloway.
(b) The Hours.
(c) Three Guineas.
(d) Orlando.

4. According to Sontag, why do images of atrocities fail to convey a singular, universal message?
(a) They require context and explanation.
(b) They are inappropriate for mass publication.
(c) They are too graphic.
(d) They inspire only disgust.

5. Audiences may question the veracity of photographs because:
(a) Newspapers and magazines caption the images.
(b) Images can be staged or manipulated.
(c) Photojournalists are unreliable.
(d) Anyone can photograph an event.

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