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Examination of Images 1

Research and provide copies of the images to which Sontag refers in the book. Discuss your interpretations of the images. Did you agree with Sontag's reading? Were these images exploitative, opportunistic? Did they make a political statement? Did they cause you to rethink your opinions of war or military intervention?

Examination of Images 2

Using images from recent news, discuss the representation of the wounded or dead in "far away" places. Did they, as Sontag asserts, differ from the representation of suffering in the home country? Was the press more hesitant to print images of suffering in its own country? In developed nations such as the United States or the United Kingdom?

Examination of Images 3

Bring in examples which demonstrate the contrast between respected news media outlets and tabloids. Discuss the differences in images, captions and headlines. Applying what you've learned from Sontag's book, discuss the...

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