Regarding the Pain of Others Character Descriptions

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Image Creators

This group is responsible for the production of images and representations.


These people observe atrocity from a position of relative safety.


These people are the subjects of the type of photograph Sontag discusses.


These are the groups who are responsible for war-making and the representation of war to the public.


This is a group of individuals who wage war on behalf of a country.

The Intelligentsia

These people are scholars and theorists who discuss or debate matters in an academic manner.

The Dead

This type of person is the subject of most atrocity photographs.


These individuals, while not soldiers, endanger themselves for the sake of providing a public service.

Conscientious Objectors

These individuals object to war and human rights violations.


These people are citizens who fight on behalf of their country or nation.


These individuals govern with oppression and...

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