Red Sparrow Short Essay - Answer Key

Jason Matthews
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1. What is an SDR and what is its purpose?

An SDR is a surveillance detection route. This advanced tradecraft tool is used to draw out surveillance, making following a mobile target easier. SDRs are planned and timed courses of travel that are executed to deter and manipulate an assailant.

2. What information is established regarding MARBLE in Chapter 1?

MARBLE is the code name of a double agent who supplies classified Russian information to the United States. MARBLE is described as being in his sixties, a major general in the SVR, and has worked for the CIA for 14 years.

3. Who pursues Nate in Chapter 1? How does he escape?

Nate is pursued by Russian intelligence agents who are seeking to determine who the Russian mole is that is meeting with the CIA. They almost run Nate down in a car but he manages to escape and to hide out in a soup kitchen until they have passed by.

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