Red Sparrow Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Jason Matthews
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1. What does SDR stand for?

Surveillance detection route.

2. How long is the SDR that Nate runs in Chapter 1?

12 hours.

3. For how long has MARBLE been working for the CIA in Chapter 1?

14 years.

4. How old is Nate Nash said to be in Chapter 1?


5. Approximately how old is MARBLE said to be in Chapter 1?

In his sixties.

6. Where does Nate hide out after almost being hit by the car in Chapter 1?

A soup kitchen.

7. What recipe is included in the end of Chapter 1?

"Old Lady's Beet Soup."

8. Where are the SVR headquarters described in Chapter 2?


9. How old is Vanya Egorov in Chapter 2?


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