Objects & Places from Red Sparrow

Jason Matthews
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Spy Dust

This substance signifies surveillance and, according to the narrator, was used to “pollinate suspect CIA officers in the US Embassy in Moscow” (10).


This substance represents falseness. It is given to Dominika in tablet form to prepare her for her sexual encounter with Ustinov.

Original Documents

These objects represent Dominika's foolhardy behavior as a double agent. She is lambasted by Gable for obtaining these items and taking them from SVR headquarters.

Smear of Vaseline

This represents tradecraft and is left by Dominika on Nate's car door handle to inform him that something important has happened.

Cover Sheet

This item represents enticement. It is sent by Bullard to Volontov as a promise of a future exchange.

Grid of Copper Filaments

This surrounds Room 216 in the Hart Senate Office Building and represents compromised security.

Montblanc Etoile Pen

This object represents protection for SWAN. It is a means for...

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