Red Sparrow Character Descriptions

Jason Matthews
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Dominika Egorova

This character is the main female protagonist in Red Sparrow. She is 25 years old when she is solicited to assist the Secret Service by her uncle during her father's funeral. She is a synesthete.

Nathaniel “Nate” Nash

This character is a 27-year-old CIA officer. He broke away from his southern family's expectations for the male offspring to enter the field of law.

Simon Benford

This Chief of Counterintelligence in the CIA’s Washington office is described as a strange man dedicated to a life in the service.

Ivan “Vanya” Dimitrevich Egorov

This character is the first deputy director of the SVR and is uncle to the novel's main female protagonist. He solicits his niece to seduce an enemy of the state but does not inform her of the execution of this target on the same night she is to spend with him.

General Vladimir Andreiyevich Korchnoi


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