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Rob Thomas
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Short Answer Questions

1. Dub's older sister attends what college?

2. Why did Steve feel so forlorn on the last day of school his sophomore year?

3. Holly and Bill have been accepted to colleges far apart. What are they going to do about their relationship?

4. What did Steve tell the waitress in Cap's he was majoring in?

5. In the yearbook picture, what did the GOD members' freehand sign language spell?

Short Essay Questions

1. Allison and Steve start seeing more of each other their senior year, yet Steve doesn't acknowledge her in certain places--where and why?

2. What does Steve's mother agree to and what stipulations does she put on it?

3. As he waited in line to walk across the stage to get his diploma what thoughts go through Steve's mind?

4. Describe what college Steve wants to get accepted to the most and why?

5. During his junior year, Steve won what award and who went with him to get it?

6. During his senior year, Sarah and Steve get into a large fight one night while watching videos. What was it about and what was revealed?

7. After the breakup with Dub, what happened to Steve?

8. What was Mr. Waters' first official duty to perform after signing their charter?

9. What are the Christmas presents Mr. Waters gives the class?

10. What do Steve and Allison share with each other while on the trip to the Pearl Jam concert?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on one of the following subjects:

Part 1) The inner turmoil that teenagers feel and the emotional and or physical release that drugs provide.

Part 2) A teenager's need to feel accepted.

Part 3) The importance that music has on young adults.

Essay Topic 2

Why is it that Doug and Steve quit being friends for a time? What does it say about Doug and Steve that their friendship becomes so easily strained?

Essay Topic 3

Jealousy is found many times throughout the story.

Part 1) Explain how jealousy affects people.

Part 2) Why is jealousy such an overwhelming emotion?

Part 3) What would have been your reaction to finding your boyfriend/girlfriend sleeping with your high school teacher?

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