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Rob Thomas
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While in Economics class, which celebrity did Toby say had died?
(a) Bob Marley.
(b) Elvis.
(c) Tom Selleck.
(d) Kurt Cobain.

2. What did Danny, Sarah's boyfriend, look like?
(a) A jock.
(b) A nerd.
(c) A skinhead.
(d) A preppy.

3. After GODs performance where did they go?
(a) The principal's office.
(b) The cafeteria.
(c) The bathroom.
(d) The couselor's office.

4. Sarah received permission to go where?
(a) To the Pearl Jam concert.
(b) To her father's house.
(c) To the mall.
(d) To the beauty salon.

5. What did Steve notice hanging from the refrigerator magnet the day after the awards banquet?
(a) An article from the newspaper about him.
(b) Tickets to the Astros game.
(c) A note from Dub.
(d) An invitation to the astronaut's company picnic.

6. What did Steve and Dub lose that summer?
(a) Their feelings for each other.
(b) Their car.
(c) Their virginity.
(d) Their sanity.

7. What does Dub say after Steve tells her he loves her?
(a) "Go home."
(b) "I love you too."
(c) "Not tonight."
(d) "I love this car."

8. What college did Steve choose?
(a) University of Texas at Austin.
(b) Harvard.
(c) LSU.
(d) The University of Washington.

9. What did Steve's mom tell him before they left for the concert?
(a) "Keep an eye out for your sister."
(b) "Don't drink and drive."
(c) "I was worried for nothing"
(d) "What a nice boy he is."

10. What sound interrupted Steve and Dub's making out in his bedroom?
(a) The sound of the garage door opening.
(b) The garbage truck in the street.
(c) The telephone ringing.
(d) The doorbell.

11. What event is the GOD's group going to enter?
(a) The talent show.
(b) The horserace.
(c) The marathon.
(d) The science fair.

12. What was Steve's winning essay about?
(a) His time in San Diego.
(b) His time spent with his high school friends.
(c) His time spent playing Little League.
(d) His time spent in NASA with his famous father.

13. Holly and Bill have been accepted to colleges far apart. What are they going to do about their relationship?
(a) They are going to see other people in college.
(b) They will write and telephone each other often.
(c) They will come home to se each other oncea month.
(d) They will marry before they go to college.

14. What is Veg's idea for the talent show?
(a) A magic show.
(b) A musical.
(c) A video presentation .
(d) A dance routine.

15. What did Steve title his essay for Mr.DeMouy?
(a) Where I go From Here.
(b) Knee Deep in the Heart of Texas.
(c) My Essay for Mr.DeMouy.
(d) This is how I got here.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the senior who didn't graduate?

2. What did they have on the beach that night?

3. Where did Steve buy condoms?

4. How did Steve get to San Diego?

5. What became of the GOD club after the talent show?

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