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Rob Thomas
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How d Steve and his father communicated in their house?
(a) Through messages on the answering machine.
(b) Through Post-It notes and paper-clipped money.
(c) By telephone.
(d) By intercom.

2. In college, what instrument does Doug play in a rock band?
(a) Drums.
(b) Guitar.
(c) Bass.
(d) Keyboard.

3. What does Steve's mom, Cindy, do for a living?
(a) NASA Astronaut.
(b) Schoolteacher.
(c) Real Estate Agent.
(d) Guidance Couselor.

4. What did Steve do when Rhonda tried to kiss him at the movies?
(a) He hugged her.
(b) He kissed her back.
(c) He turned away.
(d) He pushed her away.

5. What cassette did Steve and Dub play in the car on the way home from the dance?
(a) Pearl Jam.
(b) Barry Manilow.
(c) Cher.
(d) Neil Diamond.

6. Where were most of Steve and the astronaut's meals consumed at home?
(a) In the pantry.
(b) In the master bedroom.
(c) Over the kitchen sink.
(d) At the dining room table.

7. What does Sarah's boyfriend want to do upon graduation?
(a) Sing in a rock band.
(b) Do other people's taxes.
(c) Be a lawyer.
(d) Work in radio.

8. Why do the teens get their pictures taken at semi-formal dances?
(a) To show off their dresses.
(b) To prove to their parents they went.
(c) To send to their grandparents.
(d) To put them in the yearbook.

9. Who was the only athlete in GOD?
(a) Johnny Brooks.
(b) Matt White.
(c) Ben Kempler.
(d) Trey Collier.

10. Steve's favorite place to go after school in San Diego is where?
(a) Cap's.
(b) The library.
(c) Starbucks.
(d) The beach.

11. On Saturdays what does Steve's dad like to do?
(a) Lawn work.
(b) Golf.
(c) Hang out with other astronauts.
(d) Watch football on TV all day.

12. Mr.DeMouy,Steve's senior counselor, is reading his paper as he writes it.What color ink is he using to edit it?
(a) Black ink.
(b) Blue ink.
(c) Green ink.
(d) Red ink.

13. As a couple, what activities did Dub and Steve spend their time on?
(a) Riding a two-seater bicycle in the rain.
(b) Walking along the beach holding hands.
(c) Having lots of pillow fights.
(d) Made out a lot and talked on the phone.

14. What started the fight between Sarah and her mother?
(a) Sarah calling her mother bad names.
(b) Sarah wanting to go to a concert and stay in a hotel with her boyfriend.
(c) Sarah throwing food.
(d) Sarah not eating her supper.

15. What was Steve;s motivation for going to school every day?
(a) To sit behind Dub in Geometry.
(b) To meet with the other members of GOD.
(c) To skip fourth period.
(d) To hang out wtih Doug.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Toby's nickname?

2. Why didn't Dub and Steve go to the party?

3. In Sarah's letter she tells Steve that someone has a crush on him. Who is it?

4. How did the Gods receive their money for most original float?

5. After the movie, where did Dub and Steve go?

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