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Rob Thomas
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through San Diego, Senior Year (pp. 97-98) | Houston, Sophomore Year (pp. 98-100).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Steve gone without getting busted at school for drugs?
(a) Semester.
(b) Six-week grading period.
(c) Nine weeks.
(d) Nine days.

2. What are Dub's parents' names?
(a) Maureen and Francis.
(b) Myrtle and Joey.
(c) Deborah and Harold.
(d) Lisa and Frank.

3. Who is the other National Merit Finalist at Wakefield High?
(a) Allison Kimble.
(b) Beverly Schoaf.
(c) Drew Shreve.
(d) Virginia Whitsides.

4. Who is Dub's best friend?
(a) Johanna Turley.
(b) Samantha Ellis.
(c) Christine Mcafee.
(d) Rhonda Smith.

5. What did Doug put in the stepping stones for his walkway he made?
(a) His car keys.
(b) A joint.
(c) His lime green skateboard.
(d) A Skate or Die sign.

Short Answer Questions

1. What cassette did Steve and Dub play in the car on the way home from the dance?

2. What does Sarah's boyfriend want to do upon graduation?

3. Who did Dub ask out after Steve kissed Rhonda?

4. What is Steve's stepfather's name?

5. When finished with the float, what did the club members do?

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