Daily Lessons for Teaching Rats Saw God

Rob Thomas
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Lesson 1 (from San Diego, Senior Year (pp. 1-11) | Houston, Freshman Year (pp. 11-17) | San Diego, Senior Year (pp. 17-18))


Steve had been a good student but seemed to lose interest. The objective of this lesson is to look at the importance of school.


1) Discussion: What does Steve's lack of interest in school reveal about the main character?

2) Classwork: Have the students write a short essay on the importance of school and what its role is in a person's future. Make sure the students put in any personal opinions about school and their experiences.

3) Homework: Have the students find a piece of literature in which a main theme of the story is the importance of school or education. In what way does it compare with RATS SAW GOD? Explain your choice of literature.

4) Debate: Have the students debate the need for good grades versus the need for trying your hardest. Which is most important for a person? Point out that some students try their hardest...

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