Rats Saw God Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rob Thomas
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San Diego, Senior Year (pp. 1-11) | Houston, Freshman Year (pp. 11-17) | San Diego, Senior Year (pp. 17-18)

• Steve York is given the option of writing a 100-page report to acquire the missing credits he needs to graduate.

• Steve decides to write the paper on his own life and heartbreak.

• Steve tells about his father and mother meeting and their divorce.

• Steve has turned in the first few pages of his report and receives it back with green markings on it.

San Diego, Summer Before Sophomore Year (pp. 18-21) | Houston, Summer Before Sophomore Year (pp. 21-23) | San Diego, Senior Year (pp. 23-26)

• Steve goes to live with his father in Houston while his sister goes home with their mother.

• Steve gets a job at a theater.

• Steve and his father go to a ball game.

• Steve is acknowledged as a National Merit Finalist although he doesn't take it seriously...

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